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Aptitude Software and Deloitte Announce Partnership

Aptitude Software and Deloitte are natural partners to address the needs of today’s CFO’s. Aptitude Software sole focus is to equip CFO’s, offering a portfolio of targeted software engines, specialist financial expertise, and the experience of over 20 years of transforming leading enterprises’ finance architectures. Deloitte has a world-class global track-record of supporting CFO’s to transform their businesses, delivering leading advisory with a robust strategic implementation capability.

CFO’s and senior finance leaders want to deliver better business information to investors, regulators and their business partners. Too many, however, are confined by the capabilities of their legacy systems and by a demanding and time-bound regulatory and compliance workloads.

To make matters worse, many CFO’s need to support businesses that have shifted dramatically over the past five years and that now require them to account for high-volume, digitally-enabled businesses; global operations and new business models all while containing costs and ensuring profitable growth.

CFO’s in financial services and insurance arenas, for example, now need to account for tens of millions of transactions and support a wide portfolio of investment, financial products and asset classes while under pressure to address regulations including IFRS 17, IFRS 9, CECL and the Basel accords. Many scramble at all hours to piece together data to substantiate reporting to regulators, CEO’s and investors.

New approaches are needed to transform the CFO’s capabilities to match these needs, reducing reliance on manual processes and putting in place finance systems architectures that are fit for the future. 

Together, Aptitude Software and Deloitte offer CFO’s the ability to evaluate pressing challenges, to move away from manual workflows and deploy solutions – both fitting short-term regulatory requirements and those that provide the strategic financial foundations that CFO’s rely on to drive profitable growth in their businesses.   

In the recent past, Aptitude Software and Deloitte have partnered to transform the financial processing capability of a leading {{cta(‘4fca10d5-3b28-40d7-bb12-f81bb29deee7’)}}, addressing statutory reporting requirements for a leading {{cta(‘9095225c-f350-4a27-9864-9a5259cc4e82’)}} and on delivering an IFRS 17 prototype for one of {{cta(‘275bf1e0-11ae-4b77-ba33-7826cb224866’)}}. 


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