Aptitude Software Support

For product support for any of Aptitude Software’s products including the Aptitude™ platform, please contact:

Tel: +44 845 230 0317

Email: support@aptitudesoftware.com

Dedicated support – out of the box

Aptitude Software provides our enterprise customers with high quality, responsive support as standard with our software products. Our global support team has an average of 15 years experience and consists solely of technical professionals who are experts in our products. Our customers benefit from our support team’s many years of experience as users. We are dedicated to helping our clients.

Whenever there is a fault or issue, the team focusses on restoring normal operation as quickly as possible to minimize or eliminate any impact on the business. The team also helps clients adopt new software releases, providing advice and transition support.

Service Management
Our support service is managed by ITIL®qualified staff which delivers a consistent, documented, and continuously improving service. Our support systems back this up with automatic management escalation. We always ensure that Service Level Agreements are met or exceeded.

Optional Extras
In addition to standard product support, we offer 24×7 coverage and support for the solutions you build and configure with the Aptitude platform.

We have a proven track record of providing solution support for mission-critical systems to multinational companies dating over ten years. We offer both reactive and proactive services to suit your need, the software system in question and the resources you have available.


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