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Aptitude Software and Teradata: Partners in data-driven finance

October 12, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

It’s the 30th Anniversary event, with an expanded scope to include business, marketing and technical leaders – all of whom want to use data to drive profitable growth.

Aptitude Software will be presenting how leading companies are fuelling their business with data-driven finance capabilities.

What do we mean by data-driven finance?

Aptitude Software and Teradata bring together the ability to handle massive volumes of complex data with specialist finance applications. Together we help our customers to address big challenges such as…

  • Standardizing, simplifying and automating finance processes
  • Creating a golden source of granular business information linking financial and non-financial data
  • Unlocking new financial insight, at scale and in detail

A mutually beneficial partnership

Aptitude Software empowers Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) to achieve finance control, transparency and insight. As the leader in enterprise data warehousing, Teradata’s expertise is in helping companies bring together vast amounts of data.

Aptitude Software and Teradata work together to enable enterprises to generate the detailed Finance data to address today’s financial, regulatory and management reporting needs. We do this by helping CFOs to create detailed, granular finance data, to link books of record with underlying transactional detail, and to control accounting and other business rules.

The resulting ‘financial data foundation’ enable enterprises to gain a competitive edge with faster, more detailed reporting, new financial insights and confidence that their data is actionable.

An overview of our joint capabilities can be downloaded here.

To meet with Aptitude Software at the Teradata Partners event, please contact

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Sarah Werner
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