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How running helps our global team

October 9, 2018
Posted by Sarah Werner

One of the challenges of being a part of a global company with many offices is building trust. Trust increases collaboration and helps us find solutions and deliver value faster. Having the opportunity to build commonalities and shared experiences helps build that trust.

With offices in Wroclaw – Poland, London – England, Singapore, Toronto – Canada and on the east and west coasts of the US, we cross multiple time zones, weather challenges and languages. How do we build those trust relationships? Thanks to the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge (JPMCC) we can run ‘together.’


The global JPMCC has been a fantastic opportunity for us to run, walk and have fun together. Our London office has been participating in the challenge for the past four years, and as our team has become more global, the event has become something that brings the company together. This year we saw our biggest ever global office participation.

Chris Roberts, who introduced JPMCC to Aptitude Software, reports that from a team of just over 350 people we had 50 participants join the challenge together this year!

“In London, this year’s JPMCC really grabbed everyone’s attention. It certainly was a good topic of conversation around the water cooler in the run up to the event. We had runners from all departments signing up, which helped bring the whole office together.“

The water cooler discussion even extended to inter-office rivalry across oceans, Skype calls of encouragement, and post-race commiseration when we realize some of us are younger in spirit than body!

From the first 3 ‘volunteers’ that joined Chris Roberts in 2014…

Aptitude Software London office - JPMCC 2014

…to the 50 participants this year from our five global offices.

Congratulations to our Aptitude Software global teams! Let’s keep on running together.

Aptitude Software Chicago office - JPMCC 2018


Aptitude Software Boston office - JPMCC 2018


Aptitude Software San Francisco office - JPMCC 2018


Aptitude Software London office - JPMCC 2018


Aptitude Software Singapore office - JPMCC 2018


And, while not quite being able to participate in the JPMorgan run, Wroclaw have been joining the “run” via the ITRun – Bieg IT

Aptitude Software Wroclaw office - JPMCC 2018


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Sarah Werner
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