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Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love


For Life Sciences, like many industries, the increasing complexity of business models, sales channels and contracts makes it more difficult to manage the multitude of details that make up each individual transaction.

However, there are significant costs for companies that don’t pay close enough attention. When looking at rebates owed to payers, ZS Associates found that a mere percentage point difference in the error rate could mean losing millions of dollars. (source) Life Sciences companies that focus on accurately calculating royalties and rebates owed can reduce or eliminate revenue leakage and avoid costly audits.

We’ve helped organizations in a variety of industries efficiently manage contracts and calculations to ensure royalties, rights, rebates and revenue shares are accounted for accurately.  We are looking forward to sharing our capabilities with our fellow conference attendees.  Interested in chatting with us at the conference?  Email us at info@aptitudesoftware or tweet us at @AptitudeSW.

Aptitude Software offers a powerful application development platform that can be used to quickly build business critical software systems as well as a range of configurable software solutions to help CFOs, controllers and other business leaders achieve financial insight, control and transparency.


photo credit: Gene Tobia (source | license)


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