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IFRS 17 content round-up

IFRS 17, and now it’s FASB counterpart, ASC 944, continues to be a hot topic of discussion among insurers.  We’ve pulled together a list of some recent content from the last few weeks in case you missed it. 

WEBCAST: Countdown underway: Insurers prepare for IFRS 17 implementation (Deloitte and Aptitude Software)

Martin Redington, Aptitude Software’s CTO, recently sat down with Francesco Nagari, Deloitte’s Global Insurance IFRS leader, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of IFRS 17. They also shared findings from their organization’s respective market surveys which highlight project progress within the industry and much more.  Tune in if you are interested in hearing more about the technology and data implications and requirements, the strategic benefits that can be gained and how to ensure the best outcome for your IFRS 17 project. {{cta(‘e192db81-11eb-4e5b-8c1f-4cbcb1e00b0f’)}}.

BLOG: The PAA approach – simpler, but is it simple?

PAA is in effect a simplified approach designed primarily for insurance contracts with a coverage period of 12 months or less. Some insurers are considering the PAA approach as a simpler and quicker way to reach compliance. However, many are finding that “simpler” doesn’t necessarily mean simple and the approach may not meet their needs. {{cta(‘6ba29c40-8ea8-45de-8118-1f1f241ee5be’)}}.

BLOG: How we’re helping you prepare for IFRS 17 – a Q&A with Workday and Aptitude Software

Workday and Aptitude Software have partnered to create a seamless integration between Aptitude’s IFRS 17 solution and Workday Financial Management to help companies deal with the challenge of transitioning to the new reporting standard. In this {{cta(‘2e68ee99-f544-41de-a2c0-f4ba44c1d8e5’)}}, Angela Borth, senior director, financial services at Workday and Martin Redington, chief technology officer at Aptitude Software discuss IFRS 17, the challenges organizations face, and how their companies will help businesses tackle the new regulations head on. 

BLOG: IFRS Standard delayed a year – now what?

If you work for an insurance company and you report under IFRS GAAP, you no doubt have seen the decision by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to delay the implementation of IFRS 17 for one year to 1 January 2022.  We take a look at what this means for your organization. {{cta(‘4ef44726-36f5-4df4-bcf3-e6a30bd7c628’)}}.



Interested in learning more about Aptitude’s comprehensive solution for IFRS 17 compliance, check out our revamped solution brochure. {{cta(‘775e474a-004d-4137-8b35-f7b1bb52f20e’)}}.



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