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KPMG & Aptitude Software unite around IFRS 17

Recent surveys from KPMG & Aptitude Software suggest that most insurers are far from ready for IFRS 17, with over 80% of organizations still in the pre-assessment or assessment phase.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that our organizations are joining together to help insurers efficiently prepare for their IFRS 17 implementations. (Read the full KPMG press release.)

Mary Trussell, Global Insurance Change Leader, KPMG International sums up the value of the partnership stating,

IFRS 17 is much more than just a technical accounting standard.  KPMG professionals take a top-down approach that looks at the full impact on the insurer’s business and legacy systems, bringing together data, systems and process know-how with actuarial and accounting expertise. Now, integrating Aptitude Software solutions can accelerate the design and implementation of critical systems.

The Aptitude Software IFRS 17 Solution is built on our proven specialist software IP, financial accounting expertise, and experience leading large-scale IFRS change programs. We’ve spoken with over 100 insurers about their IFRS 17 projects and we’d love to share what we’ve learned with you. 

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