An Accounting Subledger & Digital Finance

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What is a subledger?

A subledger (or subsidiary ledger) is a database or book of accounts used to store a detailed subset of double entry accounting transactions. A subledger contains data at the lowest most granular level – and feeds entries into general ledger(s) (cloud or on premise), for accounting and reporting – and also feeds a data foundation into BI tools, AI and ML tooling.


Why should a company have one and what benefits does a subledger bring?

Right now, with data volumes exploding, everything going digital and trends such as AI and blockchain on the horizon – a subledger is becoming an essential part of a digital finance transformation. Aptitude’s Subledger, as part of the Accounting Hub, provides the complete financial control of accounting process and reporting, providing the agility to serve fast-moving global businesses, and exploit data to deliver value through business insight.



  • Deliver multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency reporting at a single point
  • Rationalize posting patterns, accounting rules and business logic across all source systems
  • Drill-down from reported results to underlying transactions and business logic with Source-to-Post transparency
  • Reduce audit costs while addressing control recommendations
  • Ensure comparability of reporting and dramatically reduce reconciliations


  • Simplify finance with a single view and control point
  • Enable adoption of cloud General Ledgers
  • Account for new products easily
  • Integrate new business divisions quickly
  • Streamline financial, management and statutory reporting; reduce/eliminate manual adjustments
  • Access daily balances to understand financial positions within monthly reporting cycles
  • Illuminate hidden (black box) logic and eliminate point-to-point interfaces


  • Create multi-dimensional, ‘ledger-certified’ data foundations for management reporting and analytics
  • Use finance data for accurate pricing, product strategy and new business models
  • Provide business with finance data for analytics down to a granular level including down to customer/transaction/channel


How is the Aptitude Subledger different to similar products on the market?

Aptitude has a multi-dimensional, multi-GAAP, detailed accounting sub-ledger. It has the scale, speed and capacity to handle vast amounts of transactional level data in a structured way that is accessible fast and of auditable quality.

  • New regulations become a matter of applying new calculations – providing future-proof system ready for current and future regulations
  • Full control – It provides a control environment that places discipline onto manual adjustments, with 4, 6 or 8 eyes approval
  • Confidence – The Aptitude Accounting Hub subledger has been through hundreds of internal and external audits – providing confidence in reporting