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This month we showcase a few finance rockstars we have met.

Finance experts are less and less likely to be found tucked in a corner of the office spending their day crunching numbers. As the finance industry transforms through technology adoption, compliance changes and innovation, the perfect opportunity has arisen for new natural talents and strengths to fit these new roles.

Meet four finance industry people with unique aptitude that fits perfectly with their current role.

Ashley Shadoin – Revenue Business Analyst

Innovative cooking #thisismyaptitude - Ashley Shadoin, Red Hat


“On a personal note, and maybe this translates into my job, but I really, really enjoy cooking. I pride myself on taking multiple recipes and then creating my own unique dish. I think this creative mentality translates into my career because I need to assess many moving components across multiple departments and be able to pull these together into the right solution for our business.  Sometimes I have to be innovative to find a recipe that fits!“

Rodney Thomas – Senior Manager of Revenue Systems

Making things work #thisismyaptitude - Rodney Thomas, Ciena


My aptitude is making things work. At the end of the day, like if it’s a tough situation or a tough problem, you just really have to make the best of it. If you keep working at a problem, you keep searching for ideas, reach out to your peers, your network. Most times you’re not the only ones with these kinds of decisions and issues. In the end my perseverance will get a result that I can make work, and a result that my company wants too.“

Tom Crawford – CEO

Bringing it all together #thisismyaptitude - Tom Crawford, Aptitude Software


My aptitude is making sense out of chaos.  I’m very good at taking a step back and then bringing together seemingly separate parts to build something new and coherent. When I first came to the U.S. to expand Aptitude Software into North America, it was me and my phonebook – yes it was that long ago – it was hard work, it was chaotic and crazy and there were always competing priorities.  But today I look back at all of the ideas, false starts and people who I have worked with along the way.  Out of the chaos, we’ve come together to build finance software solutions that allow CFOs to fulfill their wildest ambitions and support their right to have a seat at the table.  Simple.

Inspired? What is your aptitude?

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