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What we’re reading – February 2016

Deloitte’s Global CFO Signals (Deloitte) Summary:  Deloitte has released their Q4 2015 Signals Report.  It includes results from “pulse surveys” intended to provide CFOs with quarterly information regarding their CFO peers’ thinking across a variety of topics.Revenue recognition, lease standards challenge preparers (Journal of Accountancy) Summary: A new survey shows new standards for revenue recognition and leases are causing difficulty for corporate financial statement preparers.

Cleaning up the mess under the bed:  Why intercompany accounting is increasing corporate risk (Deloitte) Summary:  Complexities like industry consolidation, global expansion and increased enforcement of varying global accounting & tax regulations have led to significant inefficiencies and real financial costs.  Cleaning up the issues will take changes to process and systems across Accounting, Tax and Treasury.

Continuous Accounting Enables a Strategic Finance Department (Proformative) Summary:  The vast majority of Finance Departments think it’s important to play a strategic role in the organization yet few have implemented the level of core finance automation required to promote process and analytical excellence.  Author, Robert Kugel lays out his view of ‘continuous accounting’ to help finance shift its focus from processing transactions to higher-value functions.

Is it Time to Pull the M&A Trigger? ( Summary:  After a banner year for Mergers & Acquisitions, there are some signs that activity seems to be waning due to things like rising interest rates and economic uncertainty.  Despite these conditions, certain industries like Energy and Banking may continue to experience rising M&A activity.

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