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Aptitude Assure

Expert support for your Aptitude solution
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Solution Success
Helps clients use their solutions more comprehensively and efficiently
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Relationship Focused
Takes a partnership-based approach to service delivery
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Access to Experts
Provides service consultants with expertise in finance, technology, and the client's configured solution
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Reduced Costs
Enables total cost of ownership efficiency with tiered support offerings based on client needs

Get the most out of your solution

The needs of an organization in the lead-up to a solution go-live and post-implementation can vary greatly, but the right level of support can help adapt a solution to changing business needs and extend its use. For some this may mean assistance with solution configuration, others with investigations into data issues, and others with comprehensive solution management.

When finance is busy managing core business priorities, and IT requires finance, accounting, or solution expertise, Aptitude Assure can meet your unique needs and keep your teams focused on what they do best.

Assure is available in three tiers to provide the right level of solution support for your organization.

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Assure Clients include

Aptitude Assure offers 3 tiers of solution support

Assure Advisor: There when you need it
Assure Advisor offers access to product experts for critical times. Rest easy at period ends or when extra support is required.
Assure Premium: Expanded support and advisory
Assure Premium offers expanded support and advisory services for incident management and upgrade planning needs.
Assure Enterprise: Full service solution support
Assure Enterprise offers full service, comprehensive support of issues, upgrades, and solution expansions - all provided by a dedicated Aptitude team.

Meet Some of the Aptitude Assure Team Members

Michael Zarifi L2 SMS Consultant
Marta Pyziak Assure Operations Manager
Akhil Kotak Senior Technical Consultant
Kamila Grudzinska Functional Solution Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a Premium user, do I also get the benefits listed in the Advisor package?

Yes, Assure support levels are cumulative. Benefits in Premium and Enterprise tiers either include or offer an increased benefit when compared to lower support levels.

Is Assure available in my region?

Yes, Assure is available everywhere Aptitude products are sold.

What is the minimum length of time for Assure support?

Assure is an annual service and can be purchased on a multi-year basis.

If I have multiple products, can I get Assure for just some and not others?

Assure is offered at the solution level. Assure support includes all products that comprise your solution.

What if I use a third-party provider for managed services?

Not a problem! Assure provides additional expert support for your solution and is available for clients that also use a managed service provider for technical support and BAU running.

Do I need to use a separate service desk or contact method?

No, you will report issues and make requests via one unified portal, our Aptitude Service Desk. We’ll take care of the rest.

Ready to learn more?

Arrange a call with one of our experts to learn more about how the Aptitude Assure offering can help you get the most value out of your solution.

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