August 2017

The Roadblocks to Forward Looking Finance

August 23 2017, 18:30 Le Bernardin, 155 West 51st Street, New York, NY, United States

The Future of Finance Forum meets quarterly to bring together CFOs and senior finance decision makers to discuss and debate CFOs’ strategies and ambitions for increasing finance’s impact.

The discussion will be focused on: what are your main challenges you are facing today? And how can these issues be overcome?

Join 15 other senior finance leaders to discuss and debate over a five-star, three-course meal. Club rules dictate that there are no presentations and the evening is entirely confidential, enabling genuine insights and experiences to be shared in an intimate, engaging setting.

You can register and find out more here – Future of Finance Forum

September 2017

Lease and Finance Accountants Conference

September 11 - 13 2017, 09:00 The Westin Charlotte, South College Street, Charlotte, NC, United States

Aptitude will be attending the ELFA Lease and Finance Accountants Conference. ELFA is the trade association representing financial services companies and manufacturers in the $1 trillion U.S. equipment finance sector. The upcoming conference in Charlotte is focused on ASC842 (IFRS 16) and it’s impact upon the sector. Some of the topics covered include: How Lease Accounting Changes (Topic 842) Impacts More than Just Accounting, Measuring Lease Liabilities under ASC 84, Business Combination- Lease Accounting and other ASC Topics.

You can register and find out more here – Lease and Finance Accountants Conference

September 2017

IASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter & Metro NY/NJ Combined Meeting

September 13 2017 Atlantic City, NJ 08401, United States

Aptitude Software are proud to announce that we will now be sponsoring the upcoming IASA event which will be hosted in New Jersey.

IASA is one of the insurance industry’s largest, and most well represented trade associations. The mission of IASA is to initiate, enable and facilitate the exchange of educational information, best practices and innovative ideas among insurance related professionals to enhance the effectiveness of these individuals, their employers and the insurance industry as a whole.

Read more here – IASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter & Metro NY/NJ Combined Meeting

September 2017

Infoline's IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts conference

September 19 2017 London, UK

Aptitude Software is proud to sponsor Infoline’s IFRS 17 event, joining a community of leading insurance companies and advisories to share insights about strategies to overcome IFRS 17 and empower insurance organizations of the future.

Our team of finance advisors and software experts will be on hand to share what we’ve learned through engagements to date, to assess your requirements and challenges and to present our IFRS 17 solution.

Read more here: Infoline IFRS 17 Event London

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September 2017

Deloitte IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Client Event

September 21 2017, 16:00 - 18:00 1081 LA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aptitude Software is one of a number of companies invited to Amsterdam to attend Deloitte’s IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Event.

The new leasing standard presents dramatic changes to the balance sheets of companies in various industries.

The event is being hosted to ensure that the management team in the effected industries are aware of the changes the new standard will bring and the possible tooling solutions available to accommodate these changes.

Learn more here  – Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine


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Past events

Financial Executive's 2017 Accounting Change for Financial Leaders

June 28, 2017, 8:00AM - Philadelphia, PA

The past year has brought significant accounting change to companies as they face several accounting standards updates. So far this year, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has issued seven updates to current guidance — after releasing 20 changes in 2016.

FEI’s two-day conference is designed to help you, the preparer, adopt and operationalize these significant accounting changes efficiently and effectively. You’ll learn directly from industry leaders who’ll share their experiences and offer practical solutions for dealing with accounting change disruption. FASB Chairman Russ Golden and SEC Deputy Chief Accountant Sagar Teotia will keynote the event.

Miss the event? Contact us for more information about the discussion or see an overview of our Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine.

Living in an IFRS 17 World

June 1, 2017, 5:30PM - London, United Kingdom

Please join Aptitude Software for a debate and discussion on the key strategies and challenges in addressing the IFRS 17 requirements.   Join other insurance controllers, accounting policy and finance IT professionals for a vibrant and informative discussion followed by a drinks reception.

Miss the event? Contact us for more information about the discussion

The Future of Finance in Banking

June 9, 2016, 8:30AM - London, United Kingdom

Please join us in London for a drinks reception and panel discussion on key challenges and opportunities for banking CFOs and their finance teams.

Much is written about the role of the CFO changing from backwards-looking scorekeeper towards a more strategic role.  But what is the reality in banking? Over 30 CFOs, Financial Controllers and Finance IT experts will be gathering at Merchant Taylors’ Hall to discuss opportunities and challenges for Banking Finance Teams

Miss the event? See the recap here.