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Aptitude Software in the Cloud

As more and more organizations and their finance teams take advantage of cloud in its various forms, Aptitude Software is heavily investing in our cloud finance software portfolio.

  • Expanding
    Cloud is a major part of Aptitude Software’s current and future strategy

    We have offered cloud finance software since 2015 and now have more than 25 clients and over 60 client instances of our software running in the cloud, in 3 regions globally – and this is growing year-on-year.

  • Cost Effective
    Reduce the costs of IT while simplifying maintenance and upgrades

    Cloud is often seen as the strategic, cost effective option for companies looking for long-term success. Remove traditional barriers to market such as need for expensive internal IT resources, complex IT infrastructure, extensive implementation lead times and major up-front costs.

  • Flexible
    Aptitude Software offers clients flexibility and a choice of deployment options. Our Accounting Hub also enables smoother cloud migrations.

    Due to the size and nature of our customers, their preferred deployment options vary and may change over time. In addition to leveraging our finance SaaS solutions, our clients have deployed Aptitude products into a range of IaaS and PaaS private clouds, including AWS, Azure, Oracle. All our products are cloud-ready.

Aptitude Software’s unique capability to work within the most complex finance architectures makes it ideal for some of the largest global organisations in the world.

While historically most of our clients have been interested in on-premise implementations, we are expecting this balance to tip significantly over the next 3-5 years in favour of cloud deployments and are focused on and investing heavily in our cloud finance software portfolio. Choosing the right cloud model for your organization can help drive innovation, reduce IT & maintenance costs, more easily meet customer demands and create an environment that can adapt to business change.

More and more CFOs are moving their finance solutions to the cloud

Client instances of our software run in the cloud.

We have experience with multiple cloud deployment options across our solution portfolio.

Gartner predicts that

By 2025, demand for financial management application deployments delivered as cloud services will equate to more than 65% of total market spend.