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Aptitude Accounting Hub

AAH is a rules accounting engine and subledger solution that can simplify the most complex finance architectures. It can be deployed on premise or as a SaaS solution.

Purpose-built to simplify the most complex finance architectures

The Aptitude Accounting Hub is a finance management software solution. It simplifies the most complex of finance architectures creating a ‘single view of finance’ and offers a launchpad for progressive finance transformation.

Aptitude Accounting Hub delivers:

  • Consolidated, highly granular, multi-entity, multi-GAAP thick subledger to support a single view of finance
  • Total financial management and control of accounting and regulatory rules, calcuations, processes and reporting
  • Fully automated, end-to-end accounting & reporting processes accelerating the speed of financial close and regulatory compliance
  • Agile and future ready to embrace new business models, changing market conditions, evolving regulations and emerging technologies
  • Provides strategic data with access trusted data to deliver valuable and timely business insights

Key features​

Centralized enterprise accounting rules platform to consolidate complex and disparate source systems

True double-entry accounting, manual adjustment portal, and financial control

Multi-basis accounting to support US GAAP, IFRS, and other management reporting requirements

Summary & detailed balances – daily, MTD, YTD, LTD running totals – in transaction, base & local currencies

Journals created in transaction, base and local currencies, with periodic FX revaluation support

Multiple calendar support allowing entity-specific close frequencies to shorten period end processing

Drill down reporting for deep analytics & insights on balance changes, & cross basis analysis

Configurable period end processing: P&L sell-down, intercompany eliminations, close accruals, etc.

Secure file-based data (SFBD) with full encryption, RESTful Web APIs, browser upload and pre-built connectors.

Supporting the move to a cloud general ledger

eBook: Supporting the move to a cloud general ledger in Financial Services

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One of the most challenging cloud projects for a Financial Services company can be the shift from an on-premise general ledger (GL) – to a cloud-based one.

In the eBook, our finance digital transformation experts present top risks to mitigate in a GL cloud migration, the value of an accounting hub and subledger and how companies like CBA and OneAmerica are getting cloud migrations right.

Finance architecture modernization

For a large US Financial Services company, AAH was the right choice to modernize their finance architecture, enable business users to act independently of IT and sunset a number of expensive legacy system that were holding their team back.

AAH is purpose-built to centralize and automate finance, accounting, and reporting. Providing business value far beyond smart finance and compliance, it empowers finance teams with total control of accounting rules and processes, all managed from a single location and designed with finance users in mind.

Business results:

Allowed finance to post entries in near real time and run transactional files multiple times a day

Solution implemented in just 10 months from design to launch

Finance-friendly user interface that allows teams to change acounting rules and build reports and dashboards

The elements of the entire program included an Enterprise Data Warehouse, Accounting Hub, and then the various pipes through from our source loan systems into those elements and into our GL. It was a highly complex program, but it was the Accounting Hub which brought it all together and which produces the disclosures needed and the financial statements, without that you’d be scrambling around in spreadsheets or whatever to produce them.

– Paul Daniel, Group Finance, ​Bank of Ireland

See the Aptitude Accounting Hub in action!