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Aptitude Software Support

Aptitude Software provides our enterprise clients with high quality, responsive support as standard with our software products.

  • 24x7 Global Support
    Our global support team can provide coverage across all time zones.

    Our support professionals are experts in our products with many years of experience. Whenever there is a fault or issue, the team focuses on restoring normal operations as quickly as possible to minimize or eliminate any impact on the business. The team also keeps clients up to date with the latest releases, supported platforms and planned outages for our SaaS clients.

  • Customized
    Customize an expanded support package built for you through our Aptitude Assure offering.

    Aptitude Assure enables customers to reduce the risk and challenges associated with maintaining, optimizing and extending finance applications across the solution lifecycle. Through the Assure support offering, we can not only deliver quality assurance, performance monitoring and optimization of installed applications but also meet ever-changing requirements to support new business models, accounting requirements and reporting demands.

  • Single point of contact
    One stop shop for all incidents, change requests, cloud access, license renewals and enhancements.

    Includes automatic escalation for high priority issues. And 24x7 coverage means your ticket is automatically responded to, regardless of the submitter’s location.

The Aptitude Software support team helps clients, partners and consultants with any issue or request relating to our core software products. We can also support custom configurations and solutions which interface with our products. Our team is global, experienced and committed to serving client’s needs.

In addition to our standard 24/7 support offering, Aptitude Assure is a multifaceted support framework that can be customized to fit the unique current and future needs of each customer. With Assure, clients can go beyond standard maintenance to benefit from solution optimization (proactive support and advice) and solution extension (evolve and develop).

Support where and when you need it

Our support staff has doubled since 2016

Our support team has kept pace with business growth, nearly doubling in the last few years.

Locations working together to provide 24x7 global support

Access support that works for all your global offices - no matter where they are.

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