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Diversity Statement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Aptitude Software is strongly committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating discrimination. Everyone is welcome at Aptitude and we encourage our team members to bring their whole selves to work. Our people are champions of creating a culture of belonging, support and trust and we work with others who are aligned with that value.  

We aim for our teams to be truly representative of all sections of society and to ensure that our clients, partners and each employee feel they belong, that they’re respected and able to always present their authentic self.   

We have a zero-tolerance approach against intentional discrimination by anyone at Aptitude. We also strongly encourage the same approach from our clients, partners, suppliers and in our communities.  

We believe that everyone has a voice at Aptitude and together our diverse voices fuel the very best innovation that’s celebrated and admired by others. Creating a culture of belonging, support and trust not only positively impacts everyone at Aptitude, we work with clients and partners who share the same values and this in turn has a positive impact on our business outcomes but also for those we work with.  

 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion matters to us because it enables us to; 

  • Better understand & meet the needs of our clients, placing us ahead of the competition 
  • Attract & retain the very best people, supporting them to flourish & fully contribute at work 
  • Build on different perspectives & experience to continuously improve & excel at what we do 

Our Commitments

We commit to fostering a continuous improvement approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Over the next three years, we will focus on improving our approach through:  

1. Encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace including:

  • increasing opportunities for employees to connect across different regions and contribute to Group-wide initiatives; 
  • improving transparency and measurement of diversity and inclusion within recruitment, promotion and pay; 
  • increasing responsibility and accountability for diversity and inclusion across the workforce and supporting this through training and awareness; 
  • continuous improvement in our policies and practices to remove any unconscious bias from these and embedding the Group’s diversity and inclusion vision in its values and behaviours; and
  • encouraging the creation of employee-led forums and groups that will support the learning and collaboration.   

2. Creating a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all Aptitude team members are recognised and valued. 

3. Promoting and maintaining our policies and treating seriously any formal complaint from any Aptitude team member. Such acts will be dealt under the Aptitude’s grievance and/or disciplinary procedures, and appropriate action will be taken. Particularly serious complaints could amount to gross misconduct and lead to dismissal without notice. All our policies and procedures are available to Aptitude team members on Connect HR.    

4. Providing education and training to our people, both individual contributors and management, about their responsibilities under the equality, diversity and inclusion policy and how to raise a concern if they believe the policy is not being adhered to. Responsibilities include staff conducting themselves to help the organisation provide equal opportunities in employment, and prevent bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination.    

5. Creating awareness of opportunities for career development to all Aptitude team members, who will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential.    

6. Making recruitment decisions based on merit, whilst ensuring that we do not directly discriminate against minority applicants and we actively look at ways in which we can encourage applications (e.g. hybrid working for parents/carers).  

7. Being transparent on promotion criteria and process, which will always be based on competency and performance.    

8. Monitoring the make-up of the workforce regarding recognised D&I indicators (where so far as legally possible in our different locations) such as age, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or belief, and disability in encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion, and in meeting the aims and commitments set out in the equality, diversity and inclusion policy.   

9. Monitoring how the equality, diversity and inclusion policy, and any supporting action plan, are working in practice We commit to review them at least annually and address any issues.   

10. The D&I Steering Committee commit to listen to our employees and give them an opportunity to make suggestions or provide feedback with the aim to take action where possible and explain transparently if we can’t take action.   

Agreement to follow this policy  

The equality, diversity and inclusion policy is fully supported by the Aptitude Board of Directors and all our leadership teams.  

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