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Publishing Industry Solutions

Accelerate digital transformation and drive reader revenue by launching subscription models and alternative revenue streams for print and digital content, reducing time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership
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Accelerate Business Digitalization
Rapid Speed to Market
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Reduce Cost of Ownership
Automate Order-to-Revenue
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Empower Commercial Teams

Publishing Industry Solutions

Accelerate digital transformation and drive reader revenue by launching subscription models and alternative revenue streams for print and digital content, reducing time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership


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Accelerate digital transformation and drive reader revenue by launching subscription models and alternative revenue streams for print and digital content, reducing time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership

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Accelerate Business Digitalization
Overcome challenges with legacy, monolithic technology and develop a best-of-breed, cloud-based architecture that supports revenue growth ambitions for print & digital
Rapid Speed to Market
Quickly build and launch print & digital products to market within a matter of minutes and unlock the freedom to experiment with pricing, packaging, and bundling
Reduce Cost of Ownership
Drastically reduce capital expenditure through cloud technology that scales with you, while improving day-to-day operational efficiencies to cut costs and resource
Automate Order-to-Revenue
Centralize the entire subscription and revenue lifecycle, from product design and pricing, to purchase and billing, to revenue management and reporting
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Empower Commercial Teams
Modular technology requiring zero technical expertise, enabling commercial teams to achieve success without the aid of technical resource, with great ease and flexibility.
Centralize your print & digital product catalogue alongside supplementary products such as audio, video, apps, products, and puzzles, and create tailored product bundles and price plans across both recurring and transactional models to maximize reader revenue.
A digital-first alternative to subscription bureaus. Own your customer data and launch a multichannel strategy consisting of print & digital bundles, previous editions, apps, and e-editions, while harvesting first-party data to tailor product packaging and supplement advertising revenues.
B2B Publishers
Drive B2B revenue growth with a fully integrated solution which unlocks corporate account functionality to manage access control, entitlements, administration and licence levels, combined with self-service tools to empower users to manage their accounts.
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Media Houses
Whether you’re looking to transform your publishing, video, audio, or educational content, we equip multichannel media houses with the tools to transform their technology, centralize products, identities, and data, and unlock scale potential for both domestic and international growth strategies.

Powering Enterprise Publisher Monetization Strategies Across the Globe

Grow your recurring and transactional reader revenues and future-proof your business by leveraging cloud technology that enables you to develop complementary print & digital strategies within a single solution, while automating revenue management and compliance.

Our solutions power the entire subscriber lifecycle, arming publishers with the flexibility to drive reader acquisition, optimise revenue growth and maximize retention efforts, while generating extensive data insights to shape growth strategies. Our best-of-breed tools enable publishers to simplify the complexities of creating and optimizing print and digital products bundles, promotions, and price plans to maximize reader revenues.

We partner with publishers around the globe to provide mission-critical subscription-to-revenue services, including L’Equipe, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Irish News, Der Standard, Racing Post, Toronto Star, The Times, Berliner Verlag, American City Business Journals, The Telegraph and many more.

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Publishing Solutions to Drive Reader Revenue

Comprehensive subscription management and billing capabilities to power the entire subscription-to-revenue lifecycle for print, digital and supplementary products & services.

Centralize Your Print & Digital Product Catalog

Simplify vendor management, processes, and the costs of managing print & digital offerings by centralizing into a single cloud solution.

Design standalone products, pre-defined product bundles or let your customers build their own personalized packages to increase conversion and maximize engagement. Manage and automate entitlements and fulfilments centrally through a comprehensive publication calendar, enabling you to govern access control across digital content and trigger physical product orders, with great granularity and flexibility.

Repackage and Develop Supplementary Revenue Streams

Launch new products, services, and bundles in a matter of minutes, without technical resources and manual processes.

Future-proof your publishing business by continually innovating your core products through various recurring and transactional models including previous editions, day-passes, and unbundled content. Drive supplementary revenue streams and monetize content across a range of channels, including video & audio products, newsletters, puzzles, and memberships.


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Manage Access Control & Launch Personalized Paywalls

Effortlessly control access to paid content. Refine the entitlements of a visitor based on usage-based criteria and business rules, such as the number of pages viewed, content categorization, user concurrency, or visitor location.

We provide you with a centralized decisioning engine to authenticate reader access enabling you to manage who can enter your site and what content they are authorized to view.

Through a range of hand-picked integrations, we also partner with specialist paywall and subscription experience providers for more comprehensive dynamic paywall and authentication requirements.

Incentivize Readers to Engage, Convert & Stay

Easily launch promotions and discounts to maximize subscriber acquisition and conversion success, while also leveraging promotions to drive loyalty and retention efforts.

Configure a range of promotions from free trials, percentage discounts, low-start offers, fixed-priced offers, and more, and distribute both online and offline using voucher codes or custom coupons to incentivize the conversion from readers into paying subscribers.


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Centralize Reader Identities & Empower Subscribers

Onboard new subscribers effortlessly with a range of identity management solutions, enabling video businesses to offer single and social sign-on options, as well as more traditional registration and progressive profiling possibilities. Store subscriber identities securely in our customer management back-office, and administer all actions related to their personal details, subscriptions, orders, payments, devices and more.

No subscription business can operate without a self-service function enabling paying customers to manage their account details, view orders and subscriptions. Self-service portals are also an opportunity to drive increased reader revenue and reduce churn leveraging tools such as package upgrades/changes, subscription pauses, delivery calendars and device management.

Maximize Payment Reach to Boost Acquisition

For over 20 years, we have powered payments and billing for enterprise businesses across the globe, enabling them to deploy secure and optimized payment journeys to maximize subscription revenues. Businesses can benefit from a wide range of traditional, alternative, and localized payment options to increase conversion rates and expand into new markets.

As a PCI-DSS Level 1 vendor, we offer one of the most comprehensive payment orchestration solutions on the market, unlocking an enormous range of global payment methods, including credit and debit cards, direct debits, digital wallets, in-app purchases, direct carrier billing, bank transfers and offline payments.


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Drastically Reduce Churn & Payment Breakage

Churn is a major challenge for many publishers. For those consumers that actively decide to cancel their subscription due to a range of factors, our tools can help by enabling businesses to craft very tailored ‘offboarding’ flows to incentivize subscribers to stay, including offers, pauses, credits, or the ability to switch packages.

There is a significant percentage of churn attributed to involuntary cancellation reasons, typically due to payment breakage. Our solutions optimize renewals to drastically increase success rates, utilizing account updater services, retry rules, payment windows, and predictive churn, to maximize retention and lifetime value.

Access All Business Data & Harvest First-Party Data

Data underpins the future of publisher reader revenue strategies, informing strategic decisions such as model or revenue opportunities, as well as tactical decisions cross-department to influence change and improvement, from marketing and sales to technical operations and finance – all benefiting from subscription business data.

Our tools make all the data available, accessible, and exportable via various interfaces, including REST API, data lake, webhooks, analytics, and pre-defined reports.

Google’s decision to delay ending support for third-party cookies until 2023 gives publishers a vital opportunity to build holistic, strategic first-party data, business models. Our technology enables businesses to harvest data across the entire subscriber lifecycle while unlocking the tools to act on this data to optimize pricing, packaging, and promotions.


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Automate Revenue Recognition & Compliance

As a publishing subscription business with recurring and transactional revenues, managing revenue accurately is critical and a mandatory requirement for compliance. As your publishing business grows and models become more complex, ensuring IFRS 15/ASC606 compliance can be complex and resource-intensive.

Our end-to-end subscription-to-revenue solutions enable you to strategically automate every step of the business model from initial purchase to revenue recognition and management. This removes revenue accounting complexities, reduces regulatory burdens, and enables an efficient financial close while delivering business insight to propel growth.

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