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MPP Global and Agillic Partnership will Deliver Best-in-Class Subscriber Tech for Subscription and Media Businesses

February 1, 2021
Tim Yeates

MPP Global and Agillic Partnership will Deliver Best-in-Class Subscriber Tech for Subscription and Media Businesses

Agillic and MPP Global are partnering to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end subscription solution. The partnership combines the power of Agillic’s personalization and omnichannel marketing platform with MPP Global’s subscriber management and billing platform, to optimize the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to revenue optimization, retention and win-back.

MPP Global enables its clients to efficiently manage their ​subscriptions, including payment processing, while Agillic leverages the subscription data to deliver personalized communication throughout the customer life cycle. Combined, the two platforms achieve a strong synergy, offering business value and a competitive edge to subscription and media businesses. This is also great news for subscribers, as they can expect to receive offers and information that is entirely relevant to their individual interests and needs.

Agillic’s references cases from subscription businesses, such as Story House Egmont, formerly known as Egmont Publishing, show that relevant and personalized communication across channels providing a holistic and engaging customer experience is advantageous to increase growth and retention rates.

Says Emre Gürsoy, CEO, Agillic A/S:

“This partnership integrating our technologies is fully aligned with Agillic’s 2021 business growth strategy, and I am very pleased to partner with MPP Global. Since MPP Global is the expert in subscriber management and billing, providing the whole IT infrastructure of running a subscription business and Agillic is the expert in delivering personalized communication to millions of subscription customers, this is a perfect fit. Our combined competencies offer tangible business value to our clients, and we are looking forward to seeing existing clients benefit from our partnership as well as the ones to come.”

MPP Global’s Subscription Management platform enables subscription-driven businesses to deploy a wide range of highly flexible business models via an extensive range of payment methods across international markets and rapidly grow and retain their annual recurring revenue. The solution is supported by specialist features including access control & entitlement, offers & vouchers, identity management, device management, product management, pricing management, payment processing, churn prevention tools and access to a comprehensive source of data.

Says Ian Gray, Head of Partners and Strategic Alliances at MPP Global:

“Together with Agillic, we are positioned well to attract new subscription and media businesses and serve existing clients with best-in-class subscriber lifecycle marketing communications. Our partnership enables organizations to identify, understand and serve each customer in a very personal and engaging way.”

MPP Global and Agillic recently published an in-depth playbook covering industry-leading subscriber acquisition strategies and trends for 2021: Subscriber-first Acquisition Strategies for Publishers.

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