Aptitude Accounting Hub

Achieve financial control, transparency and insight with the Aptitude Accounting Hub

An operational accounting platform that centralizes control, improves reporting, and generates a rich source of data

Aptitude Accounting Hub

Aptitude Accounting Hub overview diagram

Why use an accounting hub?

Finance are challenged with ever increasing responsibilities – the need to account for growing transaction volumes, handle changing business models, address new reporting and regulatory requirements, reconcile the books and justify the results. Many would like to spend more time on forward-looking analysis. With an accounting hub, Finance accelerate workflows with ready access to the detailed information their business demands.

An accounting hub is used to:

  • Access, validate, enrich and standardize transaction-level source data from across the enterprise
  • Control rules and transformations for financial accounting at scale
  • Build a financial data foundation that substantiates the general ledger (GL) and enables the business to unlock new insights
  • Tackle new financial accounting, regulatory and management reporting requirements

Why use the Aptitude Accounting Hub?

The Aptitude Accounting Hub is a leading product in the market, providing a range of benefits over other accounting integration products or approaches.

  • A true multi-GAAP, multi-currency and multi-entity accounting sub-ledger
  • IFRS accounting templates out-of-the-box
  • Absolute business user control of financial accounting
  • Seamless integration with existing businesses Finance IT environments; works fluidly across in-house / 3rd party / Oracle / SAP General Ledgers and ERP modules
  • Best-in-class processing performance

Problems Solved: Manage detailed financials before the main group ledger. Implement event-based accounting. Consolidate chart of accounts. Eliminate burdensome reconciliations. Simplify information networks.

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Capabilities: From integration to reporting, learn how the Aptitude Accounting Hub gives Finance new capabilities.

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Our Customers: Find out how many of the world’s leading companies, in all industries, from banking to telecommunications, benefit from the Aptitude Accounting Hub.

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Find out for yourself.

At a glance

  • Provides Finance with control and access to detailed information from a single, central hub
  • Simplify information networks: deliver finance-quality information with cross-divisional alignment
  • Speed the financial close, address new reporting requirements, create a rich financial data foundation
  • A true accounting sub-ledger: multi-GAAP, multi-entity and multi-currency

Other solutions

  • Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine

    Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine

    Efficiently address new IASB and FASB revenue recognition requirements (IFRS 15 / ASC 606). Gives large enterprises access to the detailed contract-level processing and a system for applying your accounting policy to billing data by allocating revenue (and costs) over time with least system disruption and change.

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