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Why use the Aptitude Accounting Hub?

  • Gain control of financial accounting processes and data
  • Tackle new regulatory and management reporting requirements
  • Integrate financial data, reporting processes and teams
  • Build a detailed, trusted finance data foundation

What is the Aptitude Accounting Hub?

The Aptitude Accounting Hub is an operational accounting platform that enables enterprise finance teams to standardize and automate their accounting processes while building rich financial data foundations. Contained within “the Hub”:

  • Graphical, rules-based data standardization layer
  • Event-based accounting engine that generates debits and credits
  • Granular multi-everything accounting sub-ledger maintaining detailed and summary accounting balances
  • Financial data repository to store transactional and reference data.


The Aptitude Accounting Hub has empowered us to progressively transform finance while creating a detailed financial data foundation.

-CFO, Multinational Telecom Company

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At a glance

  • Event-based accounting engine with user-maintained accounting rules
  • Multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency, double entry accounting sub-ledger
  • Integrates with SAP, Oracle, PSGL and all major General Ledgers
  • Embedded IP: accounting templates, product lifecycle events, industry data models
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