Handle all ASC 842 and IFRS 16 scenarios with a specialist lease accounting software

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Why use our Lease Accounting Engine?

The Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine empowers you to:

  • Transition easily to IFRS 16 and ASC 842
  • Deliver consistent and auditable lease accounting
  • Understand financial impact of individual leases
  • Address complex accounting scenarios e.g multi-asset class, multi-GAAP, FX translations, sub-leases etc.

Visit our resources page to learn more about IFRS 16 accounting and ASC 842 accounting .
Visit the official IFRS website and the FASB website to learn more about the standards.

What the Lease Accounting Engine does:

  • Integrates lease contract data via Excel, Lease Management Systems, or manual entry
  • Delivers multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency lessee and lessor accounting
  • Generates trial balances on individual lease contract, component or portfolios
  • Produces customizable disclosure reports
  • Models the most complex lease accounting scenarios

“We have calculated that the new rules will require 66 times more journal entries, which will challenge our finance team to automate lease accounting within financial processing work flows.”

- Aptitude Software client

implement ifrs 16 and asc 842 on time. Lease accounting software.

A white paper looking at why 3 organizations are back on the market and looking for a better way to address lease compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions: Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions on our lease accounting software.

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IFRS 16 & ASC 842 Challenges:  how our software tackles the data, accounting and reporting complexity

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Lease Accounting Engine Capabilities: An accounting solution for an accounting requirement.

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IFRS 16 & ASC 842 case studies: Thoughts and perspectives on the Lease Accounting Engine

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At a glance

  • Multi-GAAP, multi-entity, lessee & lessor accounting
  • Lease lifecycle accounting controls covering all asset classes
  • Trial balances for individual lease contracts, components or portfolios
  • Complex lease accounting scenario modelling e.g. for modifications and indexation
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