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Hear what our clients & prospects are saying about how they’ve solved the accounting challenges in IFRS 16 and ASC 842.

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Case Studies in IFRS 16 and ASC 842 Compliance

Read about how a $60 billion dollar global company is managing their leasing portfolio. Their challenges included:

  • 10,000 leases
  • Complex lease structures
  • Multi-currency and multi-GAAP

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Case study lease accounting IFRS 16 ASC 842

We’ve had the privilege of discussing the new leasing standard with our clients, prospects and partners at conferences, in boardrooms and over coffee.  They are on the front lines of understanding and asking important questions about what the standard means for their accounting and finance processes. Here are some of the things they are asking and saying about the new leasing standard:


On the significance of the standard:

“Only 47% of European companies (IFRS/GAAP) disclose off-balance sheet leases. (62% in NA). That amounts to over $2.86 trillion over 14,000 companies in the IASB’s study. 1,145 companies account for 80% of off-balance sheet leases, each having more than $300M, calculated on a discounted basis.”

On filling gaps in existing architecture:

“We are looking for a solution that will work WITH our lease management systems while filling the calculation and accounting gaps required.”

-European Telco

On using the new standard to increase financial control:

 “We want to use IFRS 16 as a way to change our lease software environment and align our overall processes and tools  around leases in addition to just achieving compliance. We need a solution that will allow us to integrate and manage  leases of various types and help us comply with Multi-GAAP requirements.”   

-Large Global Bank