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On-demand webinar: The paths to a digital-first mindset in insurance​

At first glance, the finance department profiles of a Midmarket Insurance company and an Insurtech might look different. But peel back the curtain on their challenges, opportunities, and goals and you will find many similarities.

  • Both are facing a constantly changing industry with new entrants and significant pressure to consistently innovate.
  • Continued high expectations from regulators and other stakeholders put additional pressure on the finance department.
  • CFOs must add value to an organization by shifting away from looking at historical performance to focusing on the future. This requires Finance to provide timely access to finance data, insights, and mechanisms to support their business with agility.

On this webinar David Fourie, Finance Transformation Partner at KPMG, will illustrate why the unique histories and growth patterns of Midmarket Insurers and Insuretechs are evident in their finance architectures and result in various challenges and opportunities for each type of insurer.

You’ll discover:

  • Key insurance industry challenges and the imperative for the industry to digitalize its finance functions to survive and stay competitive
  • How to define a digital finance mindset
  • The three paths to digital finance – and how they can deliver a streamlined, cost-effective finance function


David Fourie, Finance Transformation Partner, KPMG

David collaborates with finance executives to transform their finance organization and to be ready for the future. With 26 years of experience in the KPMG Advisory and Audit practice, he understands both the financial reporting and business aspects of a finance organization.