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Solving for the intersection of revenue recognition and lease accounting

Aptitude's integrated solution solves for interdependent regulations in TMT and Medical Device industries.
Automates complex revenue recognition and lease accounting processes
Allows users to navigate and generate standard and ad-hoc reporting
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Simplifies complex use cases across industries including reagent rentals and bundled offerings

How Aptitude supports IFRS 15 / ASC 606 and IFRS 16 / ASC842 compliance

The combination of Aptitude RevStream (AREV) and the Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine (ALAE) allows organizations impacted by both regulations to automate compliance and account for the interplay between the standards.

From contract data ingestion to SSP automation and lease line classification, the solution automates accounting and reporting across a variety of complex use cases including bundled offerings, usage-based leases, and reagent rentals. Aptitude has the only integrated, globally mature solution for leasing and revenue recognition compliance requirements.

Aptitude RevStream (AREV) is a revenue management software solution. It is a secure, easily configurable platform to automate revenue recognition and strategically manage the end-to-end revenue lifecycle, providing value beyond compliance.

Out-of-the-box automation templates
Flexible integration and pre-built connectors
Stand-alone Selling Price (SSP) Analysis Engine
Automate complex calculations
Configurable, Real-time reporting

Aptitude’s Lease Accounting Engine (ALAE) is flexible, highly configurable, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, finance workflows, and surrounding architecture. It handles a wide range of complex lease accounting scenarios for both lessees and lessors, providing consistent, consolidated reporting, full visibility, and control over lease accounting, for the entire lifecycle of leases.

Addresses both lessee and lessor accounting across all asset classes
Multi-basis accounting to support US GAAP, IFRS from a single data foundation
Disclosure and maturity analysis and comprehensive trial balance reporting
SOC certified on our cloud hosted instances
Supports complex lease types, calendars, entity types, ect.

Solving for the intersection of revenue recognition and lease accounting in the medical device industry

As standalone regulations, revenue recognition (IFRS 15 and ASC 606) and lease accounting (IFRS 16 and ASC 842) are each challenging in their own right. However, medical device manufacturers are in a somewhat unique position of needing to look at how these regulations intertwine and solving for them in parallel and where they intersect.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how Aptitude’s RevStream and Lease Accounting Engine integrate to meet the needs of medical device and medical technology organizations.


Welcome to the Aptitude client community,

Intersect ENT!

We are delighted to announce Intersect ENT, a global, publicly-traded, medical technology company, has selected an integrated solution comprised of the Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine (ALAE) and Aptitude RevStream (AREV) to address compliance automation challenges.

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