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Aptitude Software and Cloudera. The perfect partnership

October 9, 2014
Posted by Sarah Werner

Innovative companies understand that being truly data-driven is no longer optional. But many businesses face a roadblock between the need to be more data-driven and the cost & complexity of new technologies.

The promise of big data is that it will drive better strategic decision-making, improve customer experience and reduce costs. Unfortunately, the costs, complexity and contemporary nature of big data technologies have limited the operational application of technologies like Apache Hadoop.

The Aptitude™ platform enables enterprises to overcome the barriers by building operational business applications that leverage leading data storage and processing platforms, including Cloudera Enterprise.

Aptitude platform v5.0 and Cloudera Enterprise: greater than the sum of its parts.

The Aptitude platform is used to design, develop and deploy data-driven software systems. With version 5.0 of the Aptitude platform, released today, enterprises can easily apply in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop processing technologies in operational business applications.

Likewise, Cloudera Enterprise offers the capabilities enterprises need to succeed with Apache Hadoop. It is designed specifically for mission-critical environments, providing advanced system and data management tools and the dedicated support from a world-class community of Hadoop experts.

Together, Aptitude Software and Cloudera provide a step-change in enterprises ability to create software systems that store, integrate, process and control all their data.

Aptitude version 5.0’s support for in-Hadoop processing on Cloudera empowers enterprises to leverage this technology alongside the full range of traditional systems used for data storage and processing.

A better business case for big data

Tom Crawford, President & MD of Aptitude Software, comments:

“By making it easier for enterprises to deploy big data processing technologies, Aptitude Software and Cloudera are empowering enterprise to leverage Hadoop in operational, rather than just analytic, applications.”

“Today’s release of Aptitude v5.0 multi-platform, with in-Hadoop, in-memory and in-database processing, provides a single enterprise application development and run-time environment on which to exploit big data technology.”

“We’re proud to become a Cloudera partner and to help leading enterprises make a better business case for investing in big data technologies.”

About the Aptitude™ platform

The Aptitude platform is used by leading enterprises in data-centric industries – including financial services, telecommunications, digital media, retail and healthcare – to rapidly build data-driven software systems. The platform reduces the cost and complexity of application development and ongoing support or change with a comprehensive, graphical, and event-driven approach.

Version 5.0 of the Aptitude platform, announced on 8 October 2014, empowers enterprises to use in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop big data processing technologies in business applications.

The Aptitude platform extends the ability to build software systems that integrate data across all IT big data infrastructure, including traditional relational databases, data warehouses and Apache Hadoop.

Learn more

Aptitude Software is attending IP Expo on 8-9 October 2014 with a prominent presence in the Cloudera Partner Village. Tristan Atkins from Aptitude Software will present in the Hadoop Business Use Case theatre on how enterprises can ‘Realise the potential for big data in business applications.’

For a copy of the Aptitude Software IP Expo presentation or to learn more about how Aptitude Software is helping enterprises make a better business case for big data, please contact us.

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Sarah Werner
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