Aptitude Allocation Engine™

Quickly understand cost allocations and customer profitability

Business leaders win when they can make smarter decisions than competitors, but few have the necessary tools to work in the detail.

Aptitude Allocations Engine

The Aptitude Allocation Engine (AAE) provides actionable insight by helping enterprise teams to calculate the profitability of individual products, customers, channels and other dimensions.

Chief Executive Officers and other business leaders recognize the need to be data-driven. Leading companies are using analytics to design new products, improve supply chains and drive new sales. But, despite these data-driven behaviors, many leading companies still struggle to quickly and confidently measure the true costs and profitability of individual products, customers or channels.

Unlock financial insight from your data

The Aptitude Allocation Engine empowers enterprises to extract insights from their data and perform multi-dimensional profitability analysis, such as determining the profitability of a product sold to a specific customer segment through a particular channel based on a series of modelled scenarios.

Today, organizations use costing models or averages that don’t necessarily reflect the actual costs produced by finance. Others find that calculating profitability requires undue time extracting and manipulating data.

Aptitude Allocation Engine architecture

Speed to insight

The Aptitude Allocation Engine is the next generation cost and profitability analysis product designed for the big data environment. The product delivers answers quickly, even when it involves allocating costs for millions of business transactions across hundreds of variables and performing billions of calculations each hour.

Confidence in results

Unlike many other allocation or activity based costing systems, the Aptitude Allocation Engine utilizes detailed transactional and operational data rather than summaries and estimates. Using our dynamic data mapping technology, users are able to use data in existing warehouses or other sources. The Aptitude technology also connects fluidly to all major ERP systems and General Ledgers, making it easy to access and organize source data while eliminating the need to locate, extract and load data into allocation systems.

It also stores all interim outputs making it easy to drill down into and truly understand the drivers of cost, revenue and profit across a range of scenarios or forward looking what-if questions.

Core components

  • Reduce time spent data jockeying: Connect to detailed financial, transactional and operational source data
  • Flexibility of analysis: Model cost and profitability allocations to suit your specific needs, define allocation rules and profitability rule sets
  • Enterprise workflow: Set-up user roles, approvals and execution workflows or schedules
  • Get answers quickly: Powerful in-memory and in-database processing capability ensures detailed profitability and cost calculations are delivered quickly
  • Confidence in results: Review, audit, drill-down and share finance accurate results

The Aptitude Allocation Engine gives finance and business leaders the platform they need to unlock detailed financial insights from enterprise data.

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At a glance

  • Calculate the detailed cost and profitability of individual customers, products, channels and other dimensions
  • Model ‘what-if’ scenarios to test how business decisions will affect financial results
  • Incorporate actual transaction data into analysis rather than relying on estimates or models
  • Control and quickly adjust cost allocation routines, processing massive transaction volumes to get answers in minutes rather than days

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Supporting Documents

  • Product brochure

    Aptitude Allocation Engine for cost and profitability insight
    File size: 97 KB

  • Solution brief

    The Aptitude Allocation Engine – Financial performance management in the age of big data
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