Control Cost Allocations and Customer Profitability

Gain a competitive edge by automating detailed calculations to drive smarter decisions

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Why use the Aptitude Allocation Engine?

  • Extract insights from your data and perform multi-dimensional profitability analysis
  • Measure the true costs of individual products, customers or channels
  • Process huge volumes of data and get answers quickly
  • Have confidence in results sourced from detailed transactional and operational data
  • Reduce time spent handling data


The Aptitude Allocation Engine gives finance and business leaders the platform they need to unlock detailed financial insights from enterprise data.

At a glance

  • Control and adjust cost allocation routines
  • Model ‘what-if’ scenarios to test how business decisions will affect financial results
  • Incorporate actual transaction data into analysis rather than relying on estimates
  • Powerful in-memory and in-database processing capability
  • Detailed cost and profitability calculations
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  • IBM Ready for PureSystems
    30 Sep 2014

    We’re ready for PureSystems!

    The Aptitude Allocation Engine is "Ready for IBM PureSystems," meeting the technical validation requirements for the IBM PureData System for Analytics.