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Digital Finance Transformation

Digitization is transforming how we all work, in every organization and every industry. The starting line may be different for each, but the time for finance is now.
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From governance to guidance: The finance department’s digital journey

Today’s CFO faces a myriad of challenges and a business environment that moves faster every day.

But a CFO who is empowered with operational intelligence, smart compliance, control and strategic foresight can play the role of ‘CFO Hero’ within their organizations.

What is digital finance

The definition of a digital finance department is one that has the data foundation, tools, technologies and culture to proactively guide the business with data-backed, actionable insights. They react to business demands with agility and innovative solutions and can offer relevant, consumable data to every area of the business.

Digitization is profoundly changing how every department, every organization, and every industry operates. While the starting line may be different for every organization, the time to act is now. What kind of CFO are you?

A market perspective on the future of finance

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    quote "A digital finance transformation has the power to take your finance department from data manipulators and cost controllers, to profit drivers within your business. It has the ability to really change the way that people work. You will take away the repetitive, monotonous tasks and enable them to apply their brains, to bring out the value in the business because they have the time to think, analyze, and work through the problems."
    Alan Berkley, Aptitude Software Senior Finance Specialist
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    quote “We do see instances where the entire C-Suite, not just the CFO, are starting to realize that they can’t be a digital company with a dinosaur finance department. It’s only as strong as the weakest link. Especially in industries like banking where they’ve been forced to be more open to change and innovation.”
    David Fourie, KPMG Financial Services Partner

Finance re-imagined: an interview with KPMG Partner, David Fourie

KPMG Financial Services Partner, David Fourie, discusses the digitization of finance, potential obstacles and what’s at stake for businesses who fail to transform.

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of finance organizations see data and analytics as a high or moderate investment priority

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surveyed executives said, enabling digital transformation was the number one challenge faced by finance and accounting professionals. But it was also ranked as the biggest potential solution to other listed challenges

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What is the industry appetite for finance transformation in the digital age?

Today’s digital transformation initiatives come at the end of a difficult two decades for banking CFOs and their teams. Last month a group of finance executives in the banking industry gathered to discuss the evolving role of the finance function in banking, the industry’s appetite for investing in emerging technologies, and the impact of new customer channels on the finance function.

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How a focus on the customer can help you fight for a digital finance transformation

Finance tends to be the last in line for the investment necessary to drive digital finance, but not thinking about digital transformation as a holistic effort that must cover the front and back offices can have dangerous consequences.

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Gain control & agility to achieve operational insight & strategic foresight

As the CFO role becomes more strategic, and more assume responsibility for technology selection and data analytics, many are outlining and executing a digital finance transformation to carry their organizations into the future. From more impactful data analysis, to a better customer experience, to providing a launchpad for cognitive tools, a digital finance transformation can deliver significant value to an organization.

Download our white paper ‘From governance to guidance; the finance team’s digital journey’ to see the impact a digital finance transformation can bring to your organization.

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Are there digital finance transformation solutions available today?

The Aptitude Accounting Hub simplifies the most complex of finance architectures creating a ‘single view of finance’ and a launch pad for digital finance. Empowering the finance function to progressively transform and be future ready.

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