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Whitepaper: Finance Transformation for Banking CFOs.

The journey to a common finance data and operating model; feat. EY and Bank of Ireland

Since the financial crisis there has been a surge in new regulations with significant commonality between Finance, Risk and Treasury data requirements. This has led to increasing collaboration between the CFO and the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) as part of a strategy seeking to break down the data silos. However, few players have found the silver bullet to a genuine integration of Finance, Risk and Treasury. In the process, many banks have had their fingers burned.

Access our webinar and white paper to learn;

  • How aligning risk and finance data provides an opportunity to increase efficiencies, lower operating costs and enhance the top-line by better decision making
  • Why have so few banks managed to streamline their finance architectures and data platforms,
  • And how can banks navigate their way forward to standardize finance data and reporting.
  • Learn more about Aptitude Software’s solutions for banking CFO’s and finance teams.