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Banking Industry Solutions

Accounting and Finance Software Solutions for the Banking Industry. Purpose-built to support the efforts of the CFO and Office of Finance around strategic compliance and digital finance.
Calculation and Cost Allocation
High volume, multi-purpose finance calculations tool and allocations engine
Digital Finance Transformation
Automate and modernize the Finance office for greater efficiency and control
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Support ERP/GL Cloud migrations
De-risk cloud ERP and GL implementations with an accounting hub and subledger

Experts in Finance and Accounting Software for the Banking Industry

For banking finance teams, future success means controlling costs and driving efficiency while modernizing core systems necessary to support innovative, data-driven, and digital-first experiences with consumers and provide insights to the business.

Accurate and real-time planning and forecasting as well as robust scenario planning will also be critical to adapt to global uncertainty and increasing competition.

Additionally, banks must continue to push applications to the cloud to increase the scalability and efficiency of finance architectures.

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Accelerate the close process
By up to 90%, allowing finance to meet business data and analytics needs and respond to queries faster
Rapid response to scrutiny
Respond to regulatory and audit scrutiny and questions from boards, shareholders and other stakeholders
Reduce costs
Eliminate manual adjustments, complex reconciliations, and legacy systems
Automate the Finance office
Automate complex finance calculations and allocations at scale
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Support cloud migrations
Fully support and de-risk a cloud ERP/GL migration
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A recent McKinsey Global Banking Survey found that banks spend roughly 65% of their budget on maintaining legacy architecture, leaving only 35% available for innovative initiatives.

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PwC’s recent retail bank survey found that 61% of retail bankers say a customer-centric business model is very important but only 17% are very prepared for it.


Experts in the intersection of banking, finance, and technology

Aptitude Software offers a portfolio of solutions purpose-built to support CFOs as they drive finance automation, accelerate cloud migrations, and digitally transform the finance department to meet the evolving needs of the business.

Fully automated finance and accounting hub and subledger solution for banks

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The Aptitude Accounting Hub (AAH) is a finance management solution for organizations looking to modernize and simplify their finance department through centralized and fully automated finance, accounting, and reporting. AAH supports

  • smart compliance,
  • finance control,
  • business agility,
  • operational efficiency,
  • and strategic foresight.

It creates a single, trusted version of finance data that can be used to improve analytics and forecasting. AAH is available in multiple deployment models including SaaS, private cloud or on-premise.


Perform complex calculations, conversions and cost allocations based on high volumes of data from multiple source systems

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Aptitude Calculate is a scalable, standalone, multi-purpose finance calculation and cost allocation engine. It empowers finance business users to perform complex and multi-dimensional calculations, conversions, and allocations based on high volumes of transactional and operational data feeds from multiple source systems.​

  • Generate cost allocations for multiple compliance standards and multi-GAAP requirements, ensuring data availability and access and removing spreadsheet dependencies
  • Disaggregate allocations and ensure transparency in calculation and allocation logic.
  • Automate calculations like Share Base Payments, Impairment analysis, Risk-Weighted Average and more


What our banking customers are saying

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    quote The elements of the entire program included an Enterprise Data Warehouse, Accounting Hub, and then the various pipes through from our source loan systems into those elements and into our GL. It was a highly complex program, but it was the Accounting Hub which brought it all together and which produces the disclosures needed and the financial statements, without that you’d be scrambling around in spreadsheets or whatever to produce them.
    Paul Daniel
    Group Finance, Bank of Ireland
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    quote Aptitude Software provides a strong tactical and strategic solution to the integration of data, technology, people and processes. The solution we’re implementing to migrate the asset finance ledger, the Aptitude Accounting Hub, provides a path to streamline our group-level finance architecture.
    Head of Finance Business Architecture
    Top UK Bank

The Aptitude Accounting Hub, delivered as a managed service by KPMG

KPMG’s Managed Service offers an industry-specific configuration of the Aptitude Accounting Hub, tuned to support an extremely high degree of automation. This gives CFOs and their teams access to a proven, industry-leading accounting software solution delivered by one of the most trusted advisories in the world.


The Digital Finance Mandate: Transforming the office of finance in Financial Services

Forget a return to normal, it’s time for CFOs to create a better normal. Discover how to build a finance department for the future.

Product portfolio for Banks

Learn more about the Aptitude Software products serving banking CFO’s and their finance teams on our dedicated product pages.

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