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AptConnect 2020 On-Demand

Miss this year’s virtual AptConnect conference? Access session material, resources and more.

  • 1st
    Aptitude virtual conference
  • 500+
    Attended over 2 days
  • 13
    Client and Partner speakers
  • 12
    time zones across 5 continents

Panel discussion: Is the pace of technology change being matched by the pace of transformation in finance?


Speaker(s): Simon Dunleavy, Cintra; Chad Mello, CFGI; Dave Wright, Itron; Nicole Norman, Allscripts; Jose Vellegas, Axon; Alex Curran, Aptitude Software

Abstract: Through the pace of technology change, increasing connectivity power, and smart devices we are witnessing the most innovative, ‘fully connected’ business models emerge, ready to harness the masses of data collected to drive contextual customer engagement and experiences. In this panel session, participants discuss how this is impacting finance departments and how a CFO can leverage these technologies to drive operational efficiencies, deliver trusted data, better manage cash flow and reporting, and improve business performance and planning.

KPMG Platinum Sponsor Keynote: Taking the leap to a digital first finance


Speaker(s): David Fourie, Partner, KPMG

Abstract: In this platinum sponsor keynote presentation, David Fourie will present what finance departments need to consider as they evolve to become digital first. David will cover the multidimensional problems that need solving such as architecture, data and integration. The presentation will include advice on what should be considered, what additional capabilities will be required and how Aptitude can be leveraged to achieve success

White Paper: From governance to guidance: The Finance department’s digital journey


Abstract: Digital finance transformation can deliver real value to an organization. With CEOs increasingly looking to CFOs for guidance, every CFO needs to visualize what a digital finance department could achieve.

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