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Subscription Management

We’ve got you covered from subscriptions, payments and billing to retention, revenue recognition and data.

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The next stage of the subscription economy 

Value creation at every step of the subscription lifecycle. ​

Consumers have fully embraced subscriptions. However, most businesses are now well out of the post-Covid subscriber growth trajectory and paying an equal amount of time to retaining subscribers and increasing Lifetime Customer Value. 

Aptitude’s Subscription Management portfolio of solutions give businesses the flexibility and scalability to:

  • Configure new products and offers
  • Process payments and automate billing
  • Recognize revenue and streamline accounting
  • Real-time reporting for better subscriber insights

Explore eSuite.​

Subscription management solutions


eSuite is a subscriber management platform that reduces time to market and total cost of ownership by centralizing and automating the entire subscriber lifecycle, from acquisition and billing to retention. With eSuite, media companies can drive innovation and subscriber growth while reducing churn.


RevStream, is a market-leading, highly configurable, SaaS solution designed to automate revenue recognition compliance (ASC 606 / IFRS 15) and manage the end-to-end revenue lifecycle. When used together with eSuite, media companies have full control over the subscription lifecycle – including revenue recognition compliance.


Fynapse is a finance management platform, that provides automated accounting for subscription enterprises. Fully automate the conversion of your subscription, billing and payment activity, and data into detailed accounting entries and bridge the gap between subscription platforms and your general ledger.

Our broader portfolio includes something for every function. Whether you’re in Commercial, Revenue, Finance or IT, our solutions can help you address the challenges facing today’s subscription businesses.

Ignite media subscription growth

“We expect eSuite to have a dramatic, positive impact on our revenue growth while reducing our operational costs significantly. And the best thing – we reduce our time to market with new products by 97% – with a tremendous effect on both image and profit.”

-Sascha Krollmann, Head of B2C, Aschendorff Group

Featured eBook: Top 10 Effective strategies for Publisher and OTT subscriber engagement

“In the evolving entertainment landscape, personalization stands as the cornerstone ​for heightened engagement. At its core, personalization fuels entertainment’s progression, heightening engagement and yielding bespoke experiences.”

Jesus Herrero, CRO

SubSessions Virtual Series

SubSessions is a virtual gathering of subscription industry experts and thought leaders looking to share their valuable experience and insights. 

Watch our first session, on-demand now.

Rev up your profitabiity: Payment optimization tips and tactics for recurring revenues

Bethan Pitts, Growth Manager, Channel 4

Navpreet Singh Randhawa, CFO, Minna Technologies

Paul Roberts, Head of Payments, Aptitude Software

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