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A leasing solution built for accounting, not admin

The Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine (ALAE) provides a single solution for consistent, consolidated reporting, full visibility and control over lessee and lessor accounting. 

Automate lease accounting under IFRS 16 & ASC 842

ALAE is a mature lease accounting solution that has been successfully implemented in complex, high lease volume environments across industries. It supports both lessee and lessor accounting requirements under the new standards and handles a wide range of complex lease accounting scenarios, providing consistent, consolidated reporting and full visibility and control over lease accounting, for the entire lifecycle of leases.

ALAE enables enterprise finance teams to:

  • Efficiently capture lease information
  • Automate lease classification tests
  • Confidently deliver multi-GAAP accounting
  • Account under multiple transition options
  • See the impacts of various accounting policy decisions before entering them into a production environment

ALAE delivers significant business benefits​

Process hundreds of thousands of leases in hours with no manual intervention

Controls and error management built into the product

Can support high lease and data volumes with one instance for reduced costs

Drives dramatic reduction in load times and time spent addressing errors

Addresses both lessee and lessor accounting requirements across all asset classes

Multi-calendar support for entity specific close frequencies to shorten period end processing

Can support unique and complex accounting requirements like intercompany, embedded, subleases and variable payment leases 

Low to no touch flow for lease activation and modifications

Supports better scenario modelling, analytics and forecasting 

Five signs your lease accounting solution isn’t ‘the one’

The deadline for US private companies, which constitute the largest segment of businesses in the U.S., has come and gone. Similar to public companies before them, many private organizations likely utilized lease administration system functionality or excel-based processes to meet the deadline.

For some, this initial approach may suffice. However, many companies are realizing that their approach to ASC 842 compliance is not sustainable in the long run. We summarize some of the red flags that indicate you may need to reevaluate your lease accounting compliance solution.

Aptitude solution drives lease accounting benefits at T-Mobile

This webinar explores the reasons T-Mobile selected ALAE, the business benefits delivered and the impact of reduced processing times and manual work around on staff overtime, retention and morale.

Watch the full session

Results delivered:

120K leases processed in less than 3 hours with little to no manual intervention

Fewer overtime hours for staff, booting team retention and morale

Covers both IFRS & US GAAP as well as 140+ unique and complex lease accounting scenarios

What we’ve found so far is when we go to do, processing one hundred and twenty thousand leases is in less than three hours. I mean, this is incredible for us. We could do it every day if we wanted, which is that’s just amazing. The fact that the controls and error management is built into the product from a Sox control perspective and from our framework, that’s going to make it so much easier. Overall, this is just a dramatic impact on our teams and allows them to not just be working on loading and fixing problems, but being able to add value to the business and to and to do different things.

– Lora Tarabeih

See the Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine in action