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Aptitude’s Global Insurance IFRS 17 Readiness Assessment

Why complete the readiness assessment?

  • Uncover systems considerations and challenges
  • Understand market best practices
  • Benchmark your needs against those of your peers
  • Forecast finance architecture changes to support IFRS 17 business cases

The core questions have been distilled from our discussions with Big 4 advisory firms, several completed IFRS 17 proof-of-concepts, over 300 conversations with customers, and our extensive study of the systems/change requirements.

Take the Readiness Assessment

Published results will be anonymous.

The IFRS 17 Readiness – Assessment will ask you about:

  • IFRS 17 project status and preparation to date
  • Your business model: volume and variety of insurance contracts
  • Accounting judgments including IFRS 17 measurement models and anticipated unit of account
  • Actuarial environment and considerations
  • Finance environment and related accounting considerations e.g. dual reporting, regulatory requirements

Download the latest GIRA report here

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