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Aptitude Software Training: Are you getting the most out of your solution?

August 14, 2018
Posted by Sarah Werner

When we speak with our clients about what differentiates Aptitude Software from other software providers the answer is often “your people!” And for us at Aptitude Software, “our people” continue to add differentiating value long after our clients sign on the dotted line. From professional services to account management, training and support, we pride ourselves in making sure our clients get the maximum value out of their solution and feel empowered to make it work for their organization. We take a closer look at our training team and the value that Aptitude Software solution training can offer you.

Making the case for training

Research tells us that the average user accesses only a third of a phone’s available features. Further, of all the applications we install on our phones, most users access just five of these apps regularly. We install apps to increase our knowledge, organization and efficiency – so why are we not using them to our full advantage? The same could be said of how we use certain tools at work. Let’s face it – in the workplace, underutilized software is inefficient. What value are you missing out on by not truly understanding your solutions and all their capabilities?

Invest for the insights, train to discover them all

When your company invests in specialist finance solutions from Aptitude Software, our first-rate trainers ensure that you get the most from your software investment by properly training your finance and IT users. Our training commitment is to make sure you can make use of all the capabilities the solution has to offer – allowing you to access the accounting, reporting and insight-generating functionality you need.

At a recent RevStream product training session one client discovered there was a better way to configure their system that would really help the business flow long term. “It was pointed out through the training, so we fired off a couple of e-mails to make a change,” noted one Senior Revenue Analyst.

Meet the team:

Similar to the considerable growth happening throughout Aptitude Software, our training team has increased 150% over the last two years. Led by long-term training veteran Tim Rolph, who has been with Microgen (our parent company) and Aptitude Software since 2010, the team meets the needs of clients across the globe. Rolph has great admiration for his team,

We have a really knowledgeable team, pooling their knowledge from various industries and disciplines. The team has in excess of 70 years of education experience which allows them to create training appropriate for delegates from all backgrounds.

Training options

Take advantage of the training that we offer and invest in your team. Our trainers work to train Big 4 accounting consultants as well as new and existing clients. Training is offered to large or small groups and adjusted for various levels of knowledge and experience.

Generally, training is done in a classroom setting for small groups of 6 – 12 people to facilitate a hands-on, collaborative environment. Training can be offered using generic sample data or actual data and scenarios unique to your organization.

This year for the first time we also offered a 1-Day, accelerated Aptitude RevStream Bootcamp at our annual revenue recognition user conference, RevConnect. Customers had a chance to walk through new features and upgrades, get a refresher on product capabilities and ask questions.

“I learn by doing so it was really good to actually get in there, see some actual data – how it flows, how you load stuff, where it comes out in the reports and the configurations. I thought it was fantastic.” Director, Revenue and Accounts Receivable for large franchise corporation.

Our trainers get 5-star ratings

In fact, in a recent survey from the RevConnect boot camp, trainers received a 99% “trainer effectiveness” rating. 94% of respondents would recommend the training to others and 100% had an overall positive experience. The degree of material difficulty was rated at moderate to high for 83% of a very mixed audience – some new to the product and a few experienced super-users. This demonstrates our trainer’s depth of knowledge and ability to cater to attendees’ wide range of prior knowledge and experience.

Achieve more with focused product training

“It was a full eight-hour day of a bunch of use cases and we really got to get our hands in the product and work through the use cases. That was great.” Senior Financial Systems Analyst at SAAS media company.

When it comes down to it, Aptitude Software product training is important. Your team should be empowered to get the full product capabilities they need from your investment. To speak to someone about your training needs please email us at

Remember, the purpose of training is to increase your access to insights, techniques and tools that will empower your finance organization. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Aptitude Software solution.

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