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A review of my favorite things about Aptitude Software – Part 1

October 2, 2014
Posted by Sarah Werner

Ginger previously worked for Aptitude Software’s parent company, Microgen plc, in London. After resettling in the US, she worked in the intermodal transportation industry implementing various open source Business Intelligence solutions. She has recently rejoined Aptitude Software as a Senior Consultant, now based in Boston.

This series of posts came about as I reviewed what I had missed about the Aptitude platform while working with a wide variety of other development platforms, many of them open source. I realized the Aptitude platform had a number of features that made my job as a database developer and implementer so much easier!

Code Repository Locking and Version Control

One of the first features I really missed was the code repository locking feature. Many development platforms prevent simultaneous code commits, but with the Aptitude platform’s repository locking, no more than one developer may work on any shared, unlocked code object in the first place. There is no ambiguity about who is actively making alterations in the shared environment. It facilitates better awareness of individual impact on teamwork.

Many development platforms do not have this locking feature, relying instead upon 3rd party version control applications, which may not integrate fully with the development tool. Code is therefore not protected from accidental overwrite. Moreover, there is no visibility of who entered the most recent code and exactly what changes were made.

With the Aptitude platform you not only see who made the change and when, you can also see a graphical representation of the objects before and after the changes were made. The before and after images can also be viewed alongside the current version or ‘common base’, allowing a user to pull in features from multiple changes and create another version of the merged objects.

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