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A review of my favorite things about Aptitude Software (part 3)

January 16, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

Ginger previously worked for Aptitude Software’s parent company, Microgen plc, in London. After resettling in the US, she worked in the intermodal transportation industry implementing various open source Business Intelligence solutions. She has recently rejoined Aptitude Software as a Senior Consultant, now based in Boston.

This series of posts came about as I reviewed what I had missed about the Aptitude Software platform while working with a wide variety of other development platforms, many of them open source. I realize the Aptitude Software platform had a number of features that made my job as a database developer and implementer so much easier.

Aptitude platform SQL Features

A significant part of the Aptitude platform’s ease of use has to do with our unique approach to visually showing SQL through a graphical interface.  This allows for better collaboration between IT and the business users and gives organizations the ability to flexibly respond to architecture changes. Here are some of the specific features and the benefits they deliver to the user.


Aptitude differs from traditional code based environments that typically contain hundreds of source code files. Instead, it allows business users who don’t write SQL to graphically piece together syntax while the code is written behind the scenes.  With this full graphical support, teams do not need any knowledge in SQL to do complex calculations or analytics. Using this method also ensures that all development is subjected to the same versioning.

SQL Visualization

The Aptitude platform also gives users the ability to “reverse engineer” SQL code by converting SQL queries and procedures into Aptitude’s graphical diagrams. This can help enterprises modernize legacy systems and transition to new database platforms. Instead of being stuck with legacy technology or having to undergo significant efforts to recode to a new language, teams can visualize existing database code and simplify migration of existing SQL from one database platform to another.

SQL Visualization turns code into graphical rules


The Aptitude Software Platform supports any ANSI standard SQL that a developer would attempt to write. So many database application development tools fail to parse (or correctly parse) intermediately complex but common SQL syntax, let alone do these tools accommodate a complete ANSI or ISO query standard. Unnecessary limitations on syntax or query length prevent developers from writing their most efficient and concise SQL, in turn hindering the quality of the final application.

The unique way in which the Aptitude platform visualizes in-database logic helps to improve stakeholders understanding and IT flexibility.

Please check out the first and second posts of this series for more great Aptitude platform features!

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