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Aptitude Accounting Hub, compact edition accelerates finance transformations

October 29, 2014
Posted by Sarah Werner

Today, we are thrilled to release a new edition of the Aptitude Accounting Hub. With this new edition, enterprise finance teams of all sizes gain a route to streamline multi-GAAP reporting processes and gain control of accounting rules and rich, multi-currency, finance sub-ledger data.

Empower CFOs to address their biggest operational challenges

IBM’s CFO Study showed that finance teams who efficiently monitor and measure business performance deliver superior revenues and EBITDA, as well as higher return on capital. Leading CFOs are striving to improve finance efficiency and gain the ability to deliver data-driven insights back into their organisations.

Unfortunately, the technologies and approaches to transform finance operations are too often out of the reach of many divisions or organizations. Upgrading enterprise resource planning suites and general ledgers require multi-year investments and carry a large amount of project risk.

Big responsibilities but cumbersome controls

Amidst this environment, financial controllers have responsibility to deliver accurate and timely reporting for but are burdened with disjointed, manual controls and inadequate legacy systems for accounting and statutory reporting.

But too often accounting is distributed in source systems or opaque legacy ERP platforms where it can’t be seen, standardised, drilled in to, understood or controlled.

The Aptitude Accounting Hub

The Aptitude Accounting Hub is used by many leading enterprises – across banking, insurance, telecommunications, digital media and other industries.

The product empowers finance teams to efficiently and confidently deliver highly attributed financial, statutory and management reporting. The accounting hub links source systems with the general ledger through its reconciled finance data warehouse. This enables finance teams to drill-down from financial reports to underlying granular transactional and reference data, and to have confidence and assurance in all reporting and management information.

About the Aptitude Accounting Hub, compact edition

The new compact edition of the accounting hub empowers smaller finance organizations and divisions or business units with the same ability as larger enterprises to transform finance operations and to achieve financial control, insight and transparency.

A range of features help to accelerate the implementation of the new product. This includes pre-defined data interfaces for rapidly integrating source systems, an out-of-the-box accounting adjustment processes, and predefined (but configurable) IFRS accounting rules.

In addition, Aptitude Software’s new agile development framework enables smaller organisations to rapidly implement the product within their existing finance infrastructure. This combines with new installation and configuration workflows so that finance teams can run proof of concepts in weeks, and implement complete projects in less than 6 months.


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Sarah Werner
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