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Aptitude Software sponsors the 11th Annual CBI Life Science Accounting & Reporting Congress

March 11, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

We know Life Sciences CFOs and their finance teams are facing new challenges in accounting and recognition of revenue that result in significant application of judgment, balance sheet provisions and potential restatement that can make it difficult to forecast accurately. This combined with an industry environment that is undergoing significant transformation as a result of new regulatory and risk pressures, leaves CFOs to predict balance sheet results without the detailed information they need.

We are here to help. For the last 17 years we have been working with many large enterprise in a range of  complex industries, from financial services to digital media. We have a new solution that helps enterprise CFOs to address new revenue recognition reporting standards, and are engaged with life sciences customers about how they can handle gross to net accounting; handling business model events such as rebates, returns, chargeback, price support etc.

Aptitude Software can help life sciences finance leaders in two ways:

  • We offer customizable and quick-to-implement finance applications and calculation engines to help finance teams to streamline financial processes and unlock insights from data. Our finance solutions help customers to solve problems such as accelerating manual adjustment processes, shortening close cycles, improving reporting, and managing complex revenue share agreements. Our finance solutions are quick to deploy and change, providing finance teams with an alternative to traditional build-from-scratch or ERP-centric options.
  • The Aptitude platform empowers teams to quickly design and deliver data-driven software systems. It offers a customizable rules engine and a graphical (model-driven) approach to application development which empower business users and IT teams to share control of applications. Like all Aptitude Software applications, solutions built using the platform are specifically designed to handle complex transactions and high data volumes at high speeds.

We are looking forward to sharing our capabilities with our fellow conference attendees.  Interested in chatting with us at the conference?  Stop by our booth or email us at info@aptitudesoftware.


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Sarah Werner
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