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Deloitte releases 2015 Global CFO Signals report

February 25, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

Deloitte recently released their 2015 Global CFO Signals Report, which reflects what CFOs are thinking … and doing. The study tracked the thinking and actions of CFOs representing 11 geographies including North America, Australia, India and several European countries. (source)

The report, which surveys CFOs on topics like sources of financial risk, expected acquisition activity and sales growth predictions showed that many global CFOs are reporting solid optimism about the year ahead. According to the report, CFOs are cautiously upbeat and feeling optimistic about their own companies’ prospects. There is a strong bias toward growing revenue and investing cash over lowering costs. CFOs in North America, Spain and India are especially optimistic about the coming year.

At Aptitude Software, we take a particular interest in how CFOs are helping their organizations achieve profitable growth, drive efficiencies and align changing revenue trends with their cost base. These goals require CFOs to have absolute financial transparency and to be able to drive data & insights into their organisations.

Of course, the climate is not without challenges. CFOs are collectively facing an onslaught of global risks like weak commodity prices, threats of deflation in the Eurozone, lower consumer demand and political instability in the Middle East.

For more details please download the full report.

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