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Streamlining key finance processes with the Aptitude platform

May 1, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

At Aptitude Software we specialize in making financial operations more efficient. Using our suite of finance applications, we help finance departments use all of their data to create trustworthy, business controlled outputs quickly.

Regardless of the specific business issue or the complexity of existing systems, we bring the ability to rapidly address any unique requirement while streamlining processes and ensuring the reliability of finance information.  We work rapidly and with agility both in set up and execution, processing millions of calculations every hour to provide near real-time information to the business.

View the short video below to see how we helped a CFO address the organization’s need to manage royalties across multiple platforms, currencies, geographies and contract terms. Aptitude answered with a solution that met the requirements, went live in three months and saved the company 70% of projected costs.

Video play - royalties (dark)

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Sarah Werner
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