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Webinar – How to approach IFRS 9

July 28, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

The deadline for full IFRS 9 adoption is 1 January 2018, but with comparative reporting from 1 January 2017, most organisations have already started project assessment for building during 2016. This leaves a mere 18 months to implement the changes needed to the expected loss models, to capture the relevant data; to manage the high volatility of accounting adjustments; to equip the management with the detailed information for explanation and disclosure.

Learn what you need to know…

This webinar will provide insights into implementing IFRS 9 changes in a robust strategic manner. Topics will include:

  • Key requirements for Risk and Finance
  • Solution approach covering IFRS 9 component models, deterioration assessments, accounting and disclosures
  • Key considerations about data management
  • Control framework, exception handling, workflow and governance
  • How to leverage IAS 39 investments

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Sarah Werner
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