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Did you miss these recent articles?

July 18, 2018
Posted by Sarah Werner

As CFOs and finance leaders, we know you are always looking to learn and CFO and Finance Monthly are two great publications for industry insights and market perspectives.  Recently our experts were profiled in both publications and wanted to highlight them in case you missed the original articles. 

Tom Crawford
Title: Balancing Act: CFOs Must Meld Innovation and Control

Published in:

Author: Tom Crawford, Aptitude Software CEO

What it’s about: Industries of all kinds must walk the fine balance between pushing innovation and maintaining the control and precision necessary for success.  So how do forward thinking-finance teams maintain this balance and help their companies push the boundaries in smart ways that are backed by analytics while also keeping an eye on the bottom line?

“As a former CFO, I firmly believe that the role of finance goes far beyond financial control. Forward-thinking finance functions can support the business with its aspirations — from delivering new products to devising new business models or driving a richer customer experience.”


Rajiv ChopraTitle: Why is Nobody Talking about the Human Cost of New Revenue Recognition Reporting Requirements?

Published in: Finance Monthly

Author: Rajiv Chopra, Founder, RevStream

What it’s about: Teams trying to manually comply with the new revenue recognition standard not only face the increased risk of errors but also the human cost associated with high turnover and staff burnout. 

These manual (revenue recognition) solutions, in which the C-suite place their trust, are high risk. There is a high dependency on a select few individuals who are working under intense pressure for sustained periods of time, levels of staff turnover are high, and teams suffer from ‘Excelitus’ and burn out from the boredom of repetitive tasks.”



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Sarah Werner
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