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Survey shows CFOs are turning to tech vendors to help navigate finance transformation

June 12, 2017
Posted by Sarah Werner

From impact assessments to assembling the right project team to finding a window to take a plunge with a new system, finance transformations can be daunting for the CFO and their teams.  A soon to be released survey from FSN showed that while CFOs are still not as technologically advanced as some of their functional counterparts, they are increasingly partnering with vendors to help navigate the options.  In fact, 55% of respondents said they would be happy to bypass external consultancies and go directly to software vendors to provide assistance.

While CFOs have a long way to go to really understand the technologies available and little or no time to evaluate opportunities for technology innovation, if they are willing to embrace the process, vendors can be a significant resource and accelerator.

(See the first infographic around business partnering.)

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Sarah Werner
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