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#thisismyaptitude October

September 27, 2018
Posted by Sarah Werner

This month we showcase a few finance rockstars we have met.

Finance experts are less and less likely to be found tucked in a corner of the office spending their day crunching numbers. As the finance industry transforms through technology adoption, compliance changes and innovation, the perfect opportunity has arisen for new natural talents and strengths to fit these new roles.

Meet four finance industry people with unique aptitude that fits perfectly with their current role.

Mike Lai – VP and Assistant Controller


My #aptitude is being highly configurable. I have been in revenue recognition at Activision Blizzard for over 10 years and the gaming industry has been constantly evolving. It’s kind of amazing to see what video games can do these days, online playability, mobile and digital transformations. In finance, you need to be able to meet the needs of your business, and as those needs change you have too as well. So, yeah, we need to be highly configurable to keep up with the pace.    

Jess Gander – Senior Financial Analyst Operations


My aptitude is resilience. I’ve learned to be really resilient through our ASC 606 project! Working with our solution consultant through this project, everything kind of rolls off his back, he has a really great attitude about everything. I’ve learned to pick up on a lot of those characteristics.”  

“I’ve been in multiple finance groups with multiple organizations and I’ve seen how finance has gone from a shift of knowing debits and credits and knowing the standard entries that need to be booked, to a more analytical view and understanding the business processes. As my career grows, I look around at the people I work with and see characteristics I admire and, can adopt. Most importantly, with everything that was asked of us with this compliance, you have to be aware of what is going on around you, be flexible but also know how to stay to the task and project at hand.” 

Martin Redington – Chief Technology Officer


“My aptitude is my passion for building teams. I build teams that allow people to be in control of what they do and give them the ability to be able to do really fulfilling work. Each team knows that when we work together, for each other, we give the best value to our company and to our clients. Modernizing finance is a challenge at the moment because of the emphasis on cost savings. Working together as a solid, cohesive team is one of the easiest ways to save.“   

Thien Nguyen – Revenue Manager


“My aptitude is that I excel at Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is not something normally associated with revenue management but, having an understanding of how others are experiencing a situation, and understanding your own experience as well really helps. I am really motivated to succeed in finance and being able to work well with others is a key part of my job. Oh, and I have to say I also excel at Excel – yes, that is my daily joke for you all. “ 

Inspired? What is your aptitude?

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Sarah Werner
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