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Finance architecture modernization

How a large Financial Services Company reduced costs and empowered the finance team

Client: Large US Financial Services Company
Solution: Aptitude Accounting Hub
Industry: Financial Services
Challenges: Legacy systems, manual processes

Results delivered​

Finance-friendly user interface that allows the team to change accounting rules and build reports and dashboards

Closed-loop error handling which provides a full audit train with errors reporcessed automatically

Reduced costs and complexity by centralizing accounting and allowing for the decommissioning of nine source systems

Removed the restriction to a single batch run, allowing finance to post entries in near real time and run transactional files multiple times a day.

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Provided a centralized hub for clean and conformed finanical data  to support accelerated reconciliation activitites and end-to-end data lineage across the finance ecosystem

The solution went live just 10 months from design to launch 

In their own words​

In addition to the technical aspects, a critical success factor was keeping the business team front of mind, enabling them to act independently of IT and putting more power in the hands of end users.

Stephen Casaceli

Principal, Deloitte


This large financial services organization offers retirement, insurance and wealth protection expertise and products to millions of customers across the US.

In addition to modernizing their finance architecture, they were looking to keep the business team and end users front of mind and enable them to act independently of IT. They also wanted to retain the value from existing systems and processes where appropriate while also sunsetting a number of legacy system that were holding their team back within the year.


The organization selected the Aptitude Accounting Hub (AAH) a finance management software solution that includes an accounting engine, ‘thick’ subledger capabilities, reporting and data feeds and a manual adjustments portal.

AAH is purpose-built to centralize and automate finance, accounting, and reporting. Providing business value far beyond smart finance and compliance, it empowers finance teams with total control of accounting rules and processes, all managed from a single location and designed with finance users in mind.

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