The CFO’s IFRS 17 Requirements

IFRS 17 is arguably the biggest change to insurance accounting ever. The standard requires insurance CFOs to produce new financial reporting and will challenge their ability to explain the business clearly to investors, boards, regulators and other stakeholders.

As a financial software specialist serving many of the world's largest insurance companies, Aptitude Software has completed a handful of proof-of-concepts for insurance CFOs, financial controllers and accounting policy teams.

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  • Chief Financial Officers are vested with chief actuarial officers to deliver IFRS 17 reporting accurately, on-time with controls and audit-ability
  • Complying with IFRS 17 requires more than delivering Contractual Service Margin calculations
  • IFRS 17 requires finance to harmonize data, processing and control across the entire systems environment
  • In a post-IFRS 17 world, CFO’s will be challenged to clearly explain the business strategy and results
  • IFRS 17 compliance programmes offer a significant opportunity to improve finance’s capabilities
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