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Digital music company innovates with the Aptitude™ platform

One of the world’s leading online music and video download providers uses the Aptitude platform to develop an application to help them manage rights usage and royalties - 40% ahead of budgeted time and cost.

As a leader in innovative business models, this digital music company needed a way to manage royalty calculations, rights usage, contracts and invoices.  In order to ensure cash flow between purchases and copyright holders was accurate, the business needed a more powerful solution capable of applying complex and changing logic for daily allocation reports while rapidly scaling to cope with the music store’s aggressive expansion into new markets.  A proposed project to modify existing ERP and billing systems was going to be costly and time consuming and could not handle the required volumes and provide the agile functionality they needed.  After a large scale bid process, the customer determined that Aptitude could provide a more cost effective solution with considerably less impact to the business in a shorter time.  The company moved away from the ERP adjustment project and adopted the Aptitude platform.

Using the Aptitude platform allowed them to build a flexible, high performance, transparent and auditable application. The platform leverages a single code set across the development lifecycle, allowing for more flexibility and higher processing power when compared to many existing application development tools.  The Aptitude platform gives them the ability to define and modify their own business processes, not alter them to fit a rigid, out-of-the-box solution.  The system scales with future volumes and can handle the complex calculations and contracts the business required.

Results Delivered

  • Implemented a new digital media royalty management system 40% ahead of budgeted time and cost.
  • Able to handle 20m+ transactions per day, directed by over 3,000 centralized business rules.
  • Routinely change business rules an average of every 6 weeks to stay on top of new business models, industry trends and requirements – which is easily supported by the solution.
  • The logical and graphical style of rules that the Aptitude platform uses means that changes can be developed jointly between finance and IT.

With a scalable, agile platform the organization can continue adapting and scaling their royalty allocation rules to cater to a global and growing audience.

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