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From legacy to cloud: Harnessing subledgers for seamless general ledger migration in Financial Services

A dinner roundtable hosted by EY and Aptitude Software

More and more Financial Services organizations are prioritizing the replacement of their general ledger (GL) as a part of a wider digital finance transformation. Whether to address GL end-of-life concerns, meet cloud-first standards or simply to enable a more efficient and lower-cost finance function, companies are acting now.

Migrating a mission-critical system like the GL can introduce operational challenges and risks. However, Banks and Insurers are finding that subledgers can play a key role in ensuring a seamless transition to a cloud GL, while providing a trusted, transparent data foundation.

Please join us for an upcoming dinner roundtable hosted by Aptitude Software and EY. At this session we’ll discuss:

  • How your peers are using subledgers to mitigate Oracle and SAP end-of-life GL migrations
  • The compelling ROI of a subledger program and how to create a business case
  • Real examples of how Financial Services organizations are using GL migrations to create a more efficient, lower-cost finance function

We look forward to meeting you.

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Liza Richardson
VP, Solutions - Finance Transformation, Aptitude Software

For more than 25 years, Liza has been at the forefront of finance transformation solution design and implementation. She has held multiple roles at solution provider, Aptitude Software, and currently serves as VP, Solution Consulting. Working closely with global Financial Services organizations..

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