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SubSession: Rev up your profitability – Payment optimization tips & tactics for recurring revenues

SubSessions | Virtual Series
July 07, 2023
Expert speakers

Are involuntary churn and payment breakage putting the brakes on your recurring revenues? Rev up your profitability with expert insights and proven tactics at our SubSession event!

If you’re struggling with payment breakage and involuntary churn and seeking actionable strategies to drive down losses, this session is for you.


Key Takeaways:  

  Discover industry insights

  Real-life use cases

 Learn from tried and tested techniques.


View the first SubSession that dives deep into the world of payment optimization, addressing your challenges and arming you with practical solutions to ensure your recurring revenue stream flows seamlessly.


Why should I watch this SubSession?

  Industry data insights: Gain an edge with industry-specific data on payment breakage trends, allowing you to make informed decisions. 

  Use case success stories: Learn from real-world examples of companies that turned payment breakage into revenue breakthroughs.

  Actionable tips & tactics: Acquire a toolkit of actionable tips and proven tactics to prevent involuntary churn proactively. 

  Test and triumph: Discover easy-to-implement methods to test today, refining your strategies for immediate impact. 

Watch our first SubSession

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Bethan Pitts
Growth Manager at Channel 4 
Navpreet Singh Randhawa
CFO, Minna Technologies
Paul Roberts
Head of Payments, Aptitude Software
Moderator: Charlotte Parker
Senior Customer Success Manager, Aptitude Software