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Join us for an exclusive first look at Fynapse

Learn more about Aptitude's next-generation Finance management platform and the value proposition for our Partner community

You are invited to join our Senior Leadership Team for a closer look at Aptitude Software’s revolutionary, next-generation finance management platform, Fynapse. This modular, best-of-breed, cloud-native solution uses the latest advancements in digital technology, data handling, and processing to drive extreme performance, scalability, and automation.

The value proposition for our Partner community is significant. Hear how Fynapse can offer:

  • The ability to drive faster, easier, and more autonomous projects
  • The opportunity to create and license your own IP via Aptitude’s Marketplace
  • The potential to expand your target market with competitive pricing, made possible by lower solution TCO and scalable cloud-native technologies.

Register now for this virtual session to learn how Fynapse can revolutionize the Office of Finance for your clients and deliver immediate value to your organization.


  • Philip Wood, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeremy Suddards, CEO
  • Christophe Kasolowsky, EVP, Product Strategy and Innovation
  • Neil Preskett, VP, Strategic Account
  • Kelvin Lynch, Chief Delivery Officer
  • Ryan Fugate, VP Corporate Development, Chief of Staff
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