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Aptitude to Accelerate Autonomous Finance

Enabling the Future CFO Office
March 21, 2024
Shane Webster

Aptitude Software, a leading provider of Autonomous Finance solutions, with its intelligent finance data management and accounting platform, Fynapse, today announces an expansion of its strategy to deliver AI-powered Autonomous Finance.

In January of 2023, we announced an integration of our enterprise accounting hub technology to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with Fynapse, our fully automated finance management platform. Building on the existing integration with Microsoft, Fynapse is investing in enabling a single view of business and finance data with high data processing speeds.

Our integration with Dynamics 365 will evolve to better enable organizations worldwide to automate manual processes, deliver real-time insights, data, trends, and analytics while freeing finance teams to increase productivity and become a strategic partner to the business, driving competitive advantages for their organizations.

Microsoft is delivering AI tools for CFOs to achieve their goals of productivity, efficiency, and resiliency. Aptitude’s Fynapse platform is a leading intelligent finance data management and accounting platform, delivering robust performance, with the ability to break down data silos and complex data streams into usable and actionable insights, a single view of finance data, to power leading businesses while automating manual process and the application of accounting rules.

“The expansion of our integration with Microsoft demonstrates the power of Fynapse, and its unique ability to deliver a single view of data with real-time processing required to make autonomous finance a reality. Through this collaboration, Autonomous Finance is now achievable for CFOs that are seeking ways to make their Finance department a competitive differentiator for their organizations.” – Alex Curran, CEO, Aptitude

“Data is the currency of AI, and we are pleased to have Aptitude Fynapse within the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem to deliver a robust combination to power Autonomous Finance.” – Georg Glantschnig, Microsoft VP Dynamics 365 AI ERP

What is Autonomous Finance and what do CFOs need to achieve it?

Autonomous Finance, a self-learning and self-improving finance function, powered by interoperable AI and cloud technologies, is a strategic and competitive advantage to an organization. Autonomous Finance is a partner to the finance professional, advising on logical next steps and recommendations based on real data and trends in their organization. Autonomous Finance frees finance from low value and manual repetitive tasks, transforming the CFO office into a strategic and business enabler.

To achieve Autonomous Finance, a CFO needs 4 foundational elements in place;

1) a single and accessible view of all business data

2) a fully interoperable finance technology stack capable of processing large volumes at the pace of business

3) advanced AI capabilities to drive insights from data and

4) a finance architecture to automate manual process and the application of accounting policies

How will Aptitude in collaboration with Microsoft deliver it?

The combination of Aptitude Fynapse, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management applications, the recently launched Copilot for Finance and the Azure ecosystem powers Autonomous Finance to achieve these elements across a diverse range of industries. This collective proposition delivers a truly unique and differentiated offering in the ERP market.

The synergies between Aptitude Fynapse and Microsoft’s technologies will deliver Autonomous Finance capabilities such as Real-Time Forecasting and Advance Scenario Planning, Enhanced Risk Management and Anomaly Detection, and Regulation Impact Analysis and Compliance.

Aptitude Fynapse is already available in the Azure Marketplace and fully integrated to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management applications, providing a rich accounting rules engine, enterprise subledger, and centralization of finance and business data.

Microsoft will support Aptitude in delivering its Global Autonomous Finance Benchmark Research, which will be presented at a series of global events starting on 19 March in London at Microsoft offices. These events will also include partners to help advise senior finance attendees on the journey and roadmap options for Autonomous Finance.

Link to London Stock Exchange Press Release.

About Aptitude Software

Aptitude Software provides software solutions that deliver AI and fully autonomous finance and free teams to drive growth, efficiency, and sustainability. Fynapse is Aptitude’s intelligent finance data management and accounting platform designed to increase productivity and lower costs for finance teams globally. Fynapse provides a single view of finance and business data, leading performance and automation, faster and better insights, user-friendly functionality, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Please visit to learn more.

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